How to Master Using Chalk Couture Ink on Glass

Step by Step Chalk Couture Ink on Glass

I just love those popular mugs (think rae dunn) with the simple writing on them that are so popular. My problem is the mugs are SO BIG! So, I thought to myself – Hey, I can make that. You've probably said those words too if you are a die-hard crafter like I am.

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So, I know that Chalk Couture makes a handwritten font that is very similar to the font used on these popular mugs. I think I'm going to make one & show you how easy it is to make your own mug!

The difference in Chalk Couture Ink and Paste

So the biggest difference in using chalk couture paste and ink is permanence. Do you want the design to be permanent? If you want to change the design, then use paste. Chalk couture paste will wash off most porous surfaces easily. This allows you to change the artwork with the seasons.

However, if you prefer a permanent design then use ink. Ink can be used on glass, fabric and even wood. The biggest challenge with ink is that it needs to be heat set to become permanent.

How to make chalk couture ink on glass permanent

So, to make your chalk couture ink on glass permanent it needs to be heat set. So, let's talk about how to heat-set chalk couture ink on glass. Be sure to check out the info on using ink on fabric as you will need to know about heat setting ink on fabric.

Using Chalk Couture Ink on Glass Mugs

So, it's super easy to create your design on your mug. You'll need all your chalking supplies for your project including your desired transfer and some ink.

For my project, I chose the handwritten font. You can also use one of the mini transfers. These are seasonal and come with 12 to a sheet. If you have your eye on one, you can always reach out to me to see if I have an extra of just that one (use the contact me at the top of my blog).

chalk couture ink on glass mug, diy ink project on glass
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You'll want to make sure that you fuzz your transfer REALLY well since the transfers stick to smooth surfaces like glass really well & you'll still want to be able to peel it off without stretching it.

So, fuzz really, really, really well. Then fuzz again. Then place the transfer on the mug. Make sure you smooth the transfer down and watch out for any bubbles or wrinkles, especially around the edges of the design. Then apply the ink.

put chalk couture ink on glass mug using handwritten font
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Now, the ink is much thinner than the paste so start by putting the ink on the green part edge and smoothing the ink down over the design.

how to spread ink onto glass using chalk couture transfers and chalkology ink
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You'll notice small semi-circles at the top of the transfer. You can cover these with ink as they help you line up the letters. I spread my letters out a little farther so they didn't make complete circles when I was done. Be sure to read these tips and tricks using chalk couture fonts.

Once the design is completely covered, peel off the transfer and wash the transfer using these steps. You should see a beautiful design left behind.

If you used the alignment marks at the top of the letters, be sure to wipe them off now. You do not want to leave those on your design.

diy rae dunn mug using chalk couture inks
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Let the ink design dry for at least 24 hours.

put glass mug on a tray to be able to heat set chalk couture ink on glass
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Now that you are happy with your ink design you need to heat set your item. I place my glass item in my oven of a cookie sheet on the middle shelf before I turn the oven on.

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Then heat the oven to 300-350 degrees and set a timer for 30-45 minutes. Set the timer once the oven has reached the desired temperature.

When the timer goes off, turn the oven off and leave the items in the oven to cool. They will cool completely in the oven before removing them. I usually do this in the evening so I can leave them in the oven overnight to cool.

heat set chalk couture ink on glass in oven.
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make your own diy mug using chalk couture ink on glass mug

Additional Tips and Notes for Inking on Glass

You can also use chalk couture ink on wine glasses too. Think of the fun birthday gifts or bridal shower gifts you could make! You can also use ink on the glass of a picture frame. I've not tried it yet. You could also use paste, just remember it won't be permanent.

There are mixed reviews as to whether the ink will last if the item is washed in the dishwasher. Some do, some don't. I think a lot depends on the mug and the dishwasher. My dishwasher erases even my printed mugs, so I hand wash mine.

Some glassware has a coating on it that makes it difficult sometimes for the ink to stick. This may take some trial and error to find the right cups to work. Don't think of it as a failure, think of it as an opportunity to learn. And think of the fun you'll have along the way!

Note that the ink is not food safe, so if you plan to use it on a plate, it should be for decorative purposes only.

I've not tried inking on metal cups, though I may at some point. Again, just keep in mind the item needs to be heat set.

Are you ready to make your own Chalk Couture ink project? Wondering where chalk couture ink is sold? You can find an assortment of colors along with supplies to apply it and beautiful transfers too all on my Chalk Couture website. I've also put together an EASY basic bundle that includes ink, the handwritten font and a squeegee. If you want a different ink color, just choose another! Super easy! You can get your Mug Project Bundle here!

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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Gather supplies

Gather your supplies you need complete your project. This includes mug or glass, ink, transfer, squeegee, pan with water in it.

Fuzz transfer

You will want to remove some stickiness from transfer so it will be easier to remove from glass. Place transfer on fuzzing cloth or lint free towel and peel off. Repeat these steps several times.

Place transfer on clean glass

Place transfer on clean glass making sure to smooth it onto surface completely

Cover transfer with ink

Put Ink on top of transfer or stencil and scrape down to cover the design entirely.

Peel away transfer

Peel transfer off of glass and wash transfer if it is reusable. Let glass item dry for 24 hours.

Heat set ink on glass

Place glass mug on cookie sheet and place in cold oven. Turn oven on to 300-350. Once oven has reached temp, start timer for 30 minutes. At end of time, turn off oven and allow glass to cool completely before removing.

Chalk Couture Permanent ink on glass

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