Best Way to Store Chalk Couture Transfers

Chalk Couture Transfers Basics

So, the best thing about chalk couture transfers is they're easy to use. And they are reusable! So, one transfer can make several projects.

And then once you become addicted, it's hard not to buy all the pretty transfers. And while these transfers aren't bulky, some can be fairly large. So, let's talk about some creative ways to store transfers. Let's review your options.

best way to store chalk couture transfers
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Chalk Couture Transfer Sizes

Chalk Couture transfers come in five different sizes: Size A, B, C, D, and E. The letter corresponds to the size of the transfer.

The smaller sizes are A & B. A Size A transfer is 5×7 inches, B size is about the size of a standard sheet of paper, 8.5 x 11 inches. Getting larger is the C size, 12×18 and D is square at 18×18 inches. E is the larges size at 18×24 inches.

Since these transfers range in size from small to fairly large, let's look at some storage options for your Chalk couture transfers to see which works best for you.

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How to Organize Size A & B Transfers (small size)

Store chalk couture transfers in a notebook

An easy transfer storage option is a 3 ring binder with heavy-duty page protectors. You can easily slide the transfers into the page protectors in their existing package. If you want to remove them from the package, I'd suggest cutting the label off on the back and sliding it in the sleeve with the transfer. This way, you know the name of the transfer.

store chalk transfers in notebook, store chalk couture transfers, store chalk stencils
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It's also easy to organize the binder in a way that works for you. You can organize alphabetically or by season. You might even organize by favorites. Using tabs in your binder makes it easy. Be sure to read more tips on binder organization.

And of course, if you're going to store chalk couture transfers in a binder, they need to be pretty right? How about a cover for your binder? I need to work to create some Spine Labels, but here are some binder covers for you to enjoy. There are more covers on the printables page.

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Use a plastic envelope for transfers

You can also use plastic file envelopes or store chalk couture transfers in. These are sold at local craft stores and are typically used for scrapbook paper. They come in 9×12 and 12×12 sizes. I have found the 9×12 size works great for the small A and B size transfers.

I like these envelopes as a Designer because I can organize the transfers I have for sale by size or holiday/event. It allows me to store them and transport them neatly to my events. I write the size and the price on the outside of the envelope.

how to store chalk couture transfers in plastic sleeves
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how to store chalk couture transfers

If you don't have a lot of transfers, using clear envelopes might work for you. You can fit several transfers in each envelope however you'll only be able to see the transfer on top. The envelope fits in a larger case which makes for simple storage.

I will tell you the case I bought has a pocket on the inside which makes putting the envelopes in a bit tricky. I also found as I purchased more transfers I needed to be able to keep up with my inventory.

These envelopes also fit in a file cabinet drawer or on a shelf so they can be tucked away neatly as well.

Accordion File Folder

As a long-time scrapbooker, I have a great accordion file that holds my 12×12 scrapbook paper. This same type of file can be used to hold your A and B size transfers. You can hold some of your C-size transfers that are trimmed. This is a great desktop version.

If you can't find a large version, a standard paper size from an office supply store will work to hold your A, B and some C size transfers (only one's that are to be cut apart.) Look for ones with 12 pocket folders, especially if you are a Club Couture member. That way you can sort your Club transfers by month.

Don't forget about an art portfolio for transfer storage

The art portfolio books also make great storage options for these small transfers. Again, you are able to see each transfer since you'll store one transfer inside each page. You can also put the transfer information in each pocket along with the transfer.

You can get these books in several different sizes. A 9×12 would easily fit on a shelf and hold your A & B size transfers nicely. If you want a separate one for your A size I'd suggest a 10×8 size (probably nothing smaller than 6×9)

How to Store C Size Chalk Transfers (Medium Size)

Organizing this size transfer is a bit tricky. Some of these transfer sizes are cut apart and will fit in plastic sleeves. You can store the pieces with your A & B size transfers in a plastic envelope, 3-ring binder or portfolio.

Those transfers that are one large design (not cut into smaller parts) are best stored in either an art portfolio or in a drawer. You can also tape 2 pieces of cardboard together and tape on 3 sides to create a “packet” of sorts.

You can also store chalk couture transfers using the methods for large transfers, so keep reading.

Size D & E Transfers (Large Size) Storage Options

These sizes are tricky because they are so large. With this size, you need to think about the number of transfers you own as well as how you like to organize. Do you like to be able to see all your transfers? Or do you prefer to have them stored away in something that's not out in the open? Here are a couple of options:

Large Art Portfolio

Some crafters will buy a large 18×24 art portfolio. This has large pages with slide-in sleeves to keep your transfers in. You can find these large portfolios at your local craft store or online.

This option might be nice if you only have a few of this size as it's fairly compact, though somewhat large. This style comes with 24 pages, so if you only have a few transfers, this might be a good option for you. You could store it in a closet or under your craft desk.

Pants hangers to hang large transfers

Others will use pants hangers and clip the transfer onto the hanger and hang them from a pegboard in their craft room. You can buy the clip-style pants hangers from any home goods store and simply clip the ends to hang them. I really like the tiered pants hangers as they can hang groups of transfers together. If you don't want to get special hangers, just buy some clips and use them on standard hangers.

how to store large chalk couture transfers can be tricky. Using pants hangers is one option. best way to store chalk couture transfers tips
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This option works well if you have a lot of this size. It also allows you to easily see all the different transfers you have. This is great for Designers to use in their workshop space.

Craft Storage Furniture

If you have the space, your own craft drawer set like this one from Ikea is perfect in my opinion. It has drawers that are wide enough and they are shallow so you could still sort your transfers by size or holiday in each drawer.

This is called the Alex from Ikea.

ikea storage cart called Alex used for storing chalk couture transfers
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Another option for furniture is to look online for flat files. These are large file cabinets with shallow drawers. Many artists or printmakers use these to store large art pieces and are perfect for storing large transfers.

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Safeco Flat File with high base

You can buy flat files online, but they are an investment as they are somewhat expensive. We purchased ours off of an online marketplace, so look around locally to find some used ones at a reasonable price. Note (if you buy used) – you'll want to check them out to make sure the drawers still work (and will open and close easily); cosmetic damage can always be fixed but structural issues can not.

Chalk transfer tote

Chalk Couture also has a great storage option. It's called the Chalk transfer tote. It is a clear tote that is 20×26 and can easily hold your D & E size transfers. It also has a small outside pocket that can hold small A & B size transfers. I especially love its affordable price! You can store this easily in a closet, under your craft desk, or on top of a shelf laying flat. If you don't own a lot of transfers, I think this is the best way to store your chalk couture transfers.

Helpful Chalk Transfer Storage Tips:

  • Transfers should be stored clean and dry. Read how to make sure your chalk transfer is clean.
  • Transfers should be stored flat so they don't wrinkle or warp
  • If you're going to put transfers in a bag like the storage tote, use cardboard to help it stay stiff/upright, especially if you'll store it upright. You can reuse the cardboard you get from your transfer shipping box!
  • Small transfers can also be stored in file folders in a file cabinet/craft cabinet
  • Zip closure bags are great for organizing transfers like alphabets, hearts, snowflakes, and such which are small parts of a large transfer.
  • It's helpful to label the transfer. You can do this by cutting out the name of the transfer from the wrapper or print off the information from the website.
  • Organize your transfer for what works best for you: alphabetically, by season, by holiday, or how they are categorized on the Chalk Couture website.
hang chalk couture transfers on a hook as another clever storage ideas for  transfers
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hang chalk couture stencils on a command hook

Another option for large transfers is to hang them from a small hook- like a small command hook.

I have a small space between the support of my desk and my file cabinet. I keep my large D& E size transfers here.

It was a bit tricky at first because I was worried they would crease until I realized I could hang them from the tab on the package

So, don't be afraid to be creative and look for small spaces where you could hang your large chalk transfers. These are out of the way. Stored safely until I'm ready to use them.

Final thoughts on chalk couture storage solutions for transfers

If you are just starting out and don't have a lot of transfers, a Zip close bag or a small, clear craft envelope would probably work best. I really love the Chalk Couture transfer tote because it's versatile and very cost-effective! If you own a LOT of transfers you may find a combination of storage options works for you.

This kit contains several Chalk Couture storage items. You can remove what you don't want/need and add to it to save on shipping. Don't forget Club Couture Members have flat rate shipping!

Personally, if you have space, get a file cabinet and organize size by drawers. If not, I love the accordion file folders. or a 3 ring notebook. Notebook organization allows you to easily see your transfers if that's important to you.

I hope you found a couple of useful tips and have decided how to store chalk couture transfers so you can find what you need and spend more time creating and less time looking for what you need!

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