Simple Ways to Use Chalk Couture Fonts

How to use Chalk Couture fonts

As an avid crafter, I have SO MANY ideas of different things to make. Just not near enough time to make it all happen. Do you feel that way too?

So, I love quick simple projects that let me finish something beautiful in a short amount of time and enjoy the fruits of my labor. This is why I really love Chalk Couture chalk designing. I can create a beautiful chalk project using a chalk stencil or transfer and it looks like a professionally designed board.

But sometimes, I need a design I can customize and make my very own. Add my own words to it. So, it's nice that Chalk couture fonts do just that! I can use these letters to create just the word or words I need for my project.

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Where to use Chalk Couture letters

Anywhere you can use a chalk couture transfer or stencil you can use letters. Most non-porous surfaces work. Keep in mind really smooth surfaces like glass will require you to fuzz your transfer very well so you can remove the transfer (without ruining it!) when you're done.

You can use the letters or font stencils to create your own words or sayings. You can add these to existing designs like I did with the Vintage Truck or you can create something all on its own. Be sure to check out my post on using ink on glass where I feature the chalk couture handwritten font.

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I used the Rustic font from Chalk Couture to add a custom name to this design.

So, these stencils look really cool, but what are the funny shapes on them and just how do you use the chalk couture fonts anyway? Let's get “write” in shall we!?

How to use chalk couture letters

The letters come in large sheets so you will need to cut the letters apart. You will notice they all have this funny little half circle on them. Curious what that's for? That will help you line up your letters as you use them!

Ideally you will will place the first letter on your board and cover it with paste. But you want them all to line up right? Here are your options!

How to line up chalk couture fonts

So you can use the little markings that are on the stencil or transfer. Simply cover the stencil with paste, wipe off the excess and peel it off. If you are using a font that will “overlap” your letter you just created, you will need to wait a few minutes for the paste to dry. You can also use a hairdryer or a quick dry tool to speed up the process.

Now, place the next letter down using the marking to create a full circle. Apply your paste and remove the transfer.

Repeat this process for all your letters.

Here's a video to show you the process:

How to use Chalk Couture Fonts

Another option, if you have trouble lining up the tiny circles (Hello middle age eyesight!) is to use some painters tape or Chalk Couture placement tape. I must say I prefer the placement tape since it has measurements on it which make spacing and alinging even easier.

Simply put down a piece of tape and line your letters up along the tape. Keeping in mind you'll need to allow time for the letter to dry if the transfers overlap.

I have also been known to use a piece of transfer backing and lined it up on my project and used it as a straight edge to line up my fonts.

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Use a transfer backing sheet to help line up chalk fonts

Another genius hack I learned from a friend is to take the font transfer and using a hole punch, punch out the “)” part on the transfer. You will then have a larger hole that you can more easily see and thus align the letters easier.

Aligning Fonts when using Inks

Since inks are permanent, lining the fonts up using the markings can be a little tricky. You can put down placement tape to chalk the circles on and then peel up the tape when you are finished.

You can also use one of the other methods to line up your fonts. Just be careful not to get ink in the semi-circle markings.

Different Chalk Couture fonts are available

The Chalk Couture fonts come in large sheets, usually size E which are 18×24. The Handwritten font is smaller and is a size C transfer.

As of now, Chalk Couture has 3 fonts available. The Modern font, the handwritten font, which is my favorite, and the Rustic font. Updated – There are a few more fonts, some are bigger, so check them out! The Farmhouse Pennant Letters (which are larger) and the Letterboard font as well as the Farmhouse Letterboard font.

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handwritten font by chalk couture
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Tips & Tricks for Using Chalk Couture Letters

  • Lay out your letters before starting. I like to start in the middle and work out. You can also start on one side and work across.
  • Fuzz your transfers REALLY well if using a slick surface like glass.
  • Some surfaces may need to be waxed before you chalk them to keep your transfer clean.
  • Having adequate light in your workspace can make all the difference in seeing those little circles match up!
  • If you are using ink, put placement tape or painter's tape down to use when making the circles to match letters. This way you can simply pull the tape up when you are done since ink does not come off most surfaces.
  • Use a multi-tool or a pencil to hold up the edge of the transfer so it doesn't stick to the letter you just created.
  • Make sure you wash your transfers after use. You'll find more info on washing your transfers on this post.
  • Store your letters in small zip-top bags or you can put them all on new transfer backer sheets and put them into sleeve protectors in a 3 ring notebook to store. Here are more storage ideas.
chalk couture modern font used on farmhouse round board
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how to use chalk couture fonts to make personalized chalk art designs
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Chalk Couture fonts

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