Enhance Your Projects: 9 Extra Supplies for Chalk Couture Projects

Essential Extra Supplies for Chalk Couture Projects

Ready to start your first (or fiftieth ) Chalk Couture project? You'll want to gather these nine extra supplies for chalk couture projects success. Each of these plays an important part and will make your project a breeze.

So, if you're not familiar with chalk couture, you'll want to learn more about chalk paste and ink projects. Otherwise, feel free to jump right in and gather these 9 items before starting your chalk project.

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You'll want to have these extra supplies for chalk couture projects handy when you start your project. They will help to make sure your project turns out as planned and will also make clean up easier.

extra supplies for chalk couture projects
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extra supplies for chalk couture projects that are helpful

Permanent Marker

A Sharpie or permanent type marker comes in handy for marking the back of your transfer. This ensures you are replacing the transfer on the correct side of the backing sheet. And that you have the right backing sheet on the correct transfer.

Dish with Water

Use a baking dish with enough water to cover the bottom of the dish about 1/2 inch. This is used for cleaning your transfer when you are finished making your gorgeous project. To find out more about cleaning your chalk transfers, be sure to read this post.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are always handy! I use the ones that you can tear into smaller sizes and then sometimes tear those in half. I use them to wipe off my transfers (wet in the water), wipe paste off my squeegee, or any other clean-up needs. A note here about quality paper towels. I use Bounty brand. I like that they don't fall apart when they are wet and come in smaller sizes. The Costco Kirkland brand is good too. If your paper towel brand falls apart in water, don't use it for cleaning your transfers!

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Now, this is pretty important so pay attention. You need to use disinfectant wipes. NOT baby wipes. These are super great for wiping down the back of your transfer once you've washed it off in the water. Use this to wipe away any water that has puddled on your transfer.

These wipes help to “reactivate” the sticky-ness on the transfer so you can use it again. Just remember NOT baby wipes!

I know that with the pandemic that disinfectant wipes can be hard to find. I refer to them as unicorns now. So, if you are having trouble finding them, know that water and a small microfiber cloth also works well.

Detail Tool or Cotton Swabs

These were one little item that came in really handy. As you are making your project, you'll find little areas that may need to be touched up. A cotton swab dipped in water (but not too much water so that it puddles. Blot it on your paper towel before using) could be used to wipe away paste smudges.

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Chalk Couture Detail Tool

If you notice a chalk mistake after the paste has dried you can fix it with the detail tool. This handy little tool has a pointy end and will allow you to scrape off the dried paste. I personally like to let the paste dry & then use this tool. I never know if I'm going to create a bigger mess with a cotton swab and then have to start all over.

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Board Eraser

Board erasers are my new secret sauce! I'm not kidding! When it comes to taking paste projects off your surface, a board eraser saves the day! Here's how you use it.

First, spray water on the chalk design that you want to remove. I like to let mine sit for a few minutes. Use the very helpful paste scraper to scrape most of the paste off. I then use the board eraser to get rid of any extra paste and it also removes any ghosting you may have had.

I told you! Magic!! Now, just a couple more additional items that can help the project be a success.

I'll note here that SOME surfaces don't clean as well as Chalk Couture surfaces. I am able to get all the chalk paste and ghosting off my Chalk Couture boards. I can not speak for other brands. You'll need to test it out yourself.

Towel & Microfiber cloth

So, you may be wondering why did I list towel & microfiber cloth as one item. Well, Chalk Couture has a handy dandy little item called a Fuzzing Cloth. This item JUST so happens to be double-sided. There is a terry cloth on one side and microfiber on the other.

Each side is important. The terry cloth side should be used to help “fuzz” your transfer. The Microfiber side is used to give your transfer a place to rest while it dries after you've cleaned it. You can read more about fuzzing cloths and why you need one as well as some great tips on cleaning your transfers.

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Placement Tape

This is an amazing little tool that can really help when it comes to chalking! You use this tape, much like thin masking tape to cover up parts of your transfer design you may not want to use. This lets you easily apply the paste to your project and not worry about having to erase it later.

This amazing little placement tape IS available through Chalk Couture but it's so popular, it sells out quickly! If you aren't so lucky, I've used masking tape or painter's tape in a pinch. I try to get the low adhesive brand or you may want to “fuzz” it before applying it to your transfer if it's super sticky.

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Final thoughts for extra items for chalk couture projects

Having these nine extra supplies handy while you complete your chalk couture project will not only make your task easier but you may find it will lead you to want to create many more chalk projects in the future. Don't say I didn't warn you!

You may also want to store these extra supplies together, so it's easy to grab all you need when you are ready to create beautiful pieces.

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Additional Chalk Couture Supplies for Project Success

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