(Club Couture) The Exclusive Chalk Couture Subscription Box

What is Chalk Couture Monthly Subscription?

So let's talk about what Chalk Couture's monthly subscription box, Club Couture, is. So, if you don't know what Chalk Couture is, you should really read why you NEED chalk couture in your life. It has been such a fun creative outlet for me. I enjoy the fact I can create a holiday-themed piece of art and then change it for the next holiday or season. It is the minimalist perfect home decor option!

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best monthly craft subscription box from chalk couture club couture
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If you already know the amazing benefits of Club Couture and are ready to sign up for Club Couture, then let's do it! If not, keep reading so you can understand a little more about what this super fun craft subscription entails.

Why Join Club Couture

Chalk couture offers Club Couture for those of you wanting to EASILY change your home decor out monthly. Club couture chalk transfer of the month is sent directly to your mailbox. You will receive an EXCLUSIVE transfer and two to three paste packets monthly. This should arrive within the first 10 days of the month. I usually get mine by the 5th depending on what day the month starts. Talk about happy mail!

The transfer changes every month and is exclusive to club couture. You can not purchase this separately.

Benefits of Joining the Chalk Couture Monthly Club

The best thing about club couture is that you will receive brand new designs that are exclusive to the club. And I know you love to be exclusive! For about $20 a month fee, you'll get so much value.

Club Couture chalk couture monthly transfer subscription
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You get a B-sized transfer, which is 8.5×11 in size. You'll also get 3 colors of paste singles along with easy-to-follow directions to help you quickly create your new artwork. There is also a video as well.

Check Out this month's current Club Couture transfer and what you'll get in your subscription box this month!

As a club member, you will be able to purchase the Best Basics Chalk it up Kit. This kit is also a huge value and gives you the perfect products to get started chalking!

Club Couture Best Basics Chalk It Up Kit

The Club Couture Kickstarter kit used to be the exclusive kit that Club Couture members could get when they signed up. It contained a handful of tools that make your chalk life so much simpler.

Well, now it's got an upgrade and while it's available to everyone (yeah!) YOU still get it cheaper thanks to reduced shipping (do the happy dance!).

You will get a small squeegee, a multi-tool, a couple of board erasers, some white paste, and 2 surfaces – The Sylvie board (for all those Size B Club Couture transfers!) and a board and base, perfect for the size A transfers. It's double-sided so you can have 2 designs at once!

chalk couture quick start basics kit
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chalk couture best basics chalk it up kit

If you choose not to get the best basics chalk it up kit, the ONLY thing you will need to be sure to purchase is a squeegee. You can order one or talk to your Designer. She can either help you order one or you can buy one directly from her. However, I REALLY do recommend getting the Best Basics kit!

A couple of “nice to have” items, would be paste trays (cute little trays to put your paste in!), paste scraper, and the Chalk transfer tote to store your new transfers in.

Club Couture Monthly Specials & Discounts

Another really awesome benefit of being a club couture member is that you will have access to some amazing specials and bonuses. These bonuses change monthly. For example, one month there was a sale on some of our boutique surfaces, however, our Club members got some pretty amazing discounts off of a few of the designer surfaces as well.

As a Club Couture member, you will get flat rate shipping on all your orders ($5.99) If you signed up for Club Couture before March 1, 2024! And you'll also receive your very own copy of the latest catalog. * Note – catalogs will no longer be available in print after 2022, however, a digital copy of a catalog is available on the menu at the top of this blog post.

There are changes being made to the Club so know that this information may vary slightly. For the latest details, be sure to check the official details.

There are bounceback offers as well. This is where you make a purchase one month and you receive a discount on next month's qualifying purchase. It really does pay to be a Club member.

You'll also get an invitation to join my Newsletter. You'll receive regular updates about what's new around Chalk Couture, some tips, and other fun projects that compliment your beautiful chalk creations.

And don't worry about having too many transfers – that's like having too much money (it's just not possible!). I've got some great transfer storage ideas that take care of this concern.

Joining the Chalk Couture Subscription Box

Sound great?! Ready to get started? It's super easy to sign up. You can join club couture right here. This page gives you more details about pricing, shipping costs (some are free!), and billing info. Your subscription will start with the current month's transfer. You will also have the option to add additional items to your cart and score the low flat rate shipping!

There is ONLY ONE reason I can think of that you would NOT want to join Club Couture. You love chalk couture SO much that it would make more sense for you to become a Designer. As a Designer, I get a club couture transfer every month (just the transfer though, no paste) as well. Want to learn more about being a Designer? Hop on over to my contact page and reach out to me and I can answer all your questions.

Chalk Couture Monthly Transfer Club

Check out this video showing the latest Club Couture exclusive items

Remember, with your Club Couture subscription you get (updated 2/25/24):

  • An exclusive B size transfer with 3 paste packs and written and video instructions sent to you monthly with free shipping.
  • The transfer can NOT be purchased anywhere else!
  • Free shipping for your Club Couture transfer, accessory and color!
  • Special sales & deals like being able to purchase past favorite transfers (that are no longer available), or special discounts, bounce back offers, and other secret sales available only to Club Couture members.
  • The current price is $21.99 US/27.99 CAD.

In March 2024 Chalk Couture introduced a new program, the Perks Program. If you'd like more information about this program and how it compares to Club Couture, watch the blog for future updates.

If you enjoyed this and want to know more, I'd like to invite you to sign up for my Newsletter. This is where you get all the up-to-date info on sales, exclusive deals, bundles, and more! You can find me socially over on my Facebook page, follow me on Pinterest and subscribe to my Youtube channel. When you shop from my Chalk Couture site you help support my small business and this site (and I REALLY appreciate your business!).

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Does Chalk Couture have a transfer of the month club?

Yes! Get an exclusive Chalk couture transfer delivered every month for less than $20, along with 3 paste singles and instructions. You can sign up for the chalk couture transfer club here or learn more about Club Couture.

Chalk Couture Club (Club Couture)

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