Ultimate Guide to Chalk Couture Surfaces & What to Choose

Chalk Couture Surfaces

Chalk Couture, a new direct sales company that is growing in the US and Canada has created a new craft craze! It's all about making cute chalk signs with stencils on chalk couture surfaces. It's quick, easy, and can make you look like a queen crafter (even if you aren't!).

The chalkboards that Chalk Couture sells are called Surfaces. This is because they are more than just chalkboards. Some are metal, some are chalk-type boards, some are wood and some are even fabric!

NOTE: I have updated this post to reflect more current surfaces in 2024! Some classic styles have been replaced/updated and new shapes and designs are being introduced frequently.

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Can you use any surface for Chalk Couture paste & stencils?

There are SO MANY options when it comes to decorating with Chalk Couture paste & inks! You can choose from a huge assortment of Chalk Couture brand surfaces or you can use some you find at a craft store, resale store, vintage market, and even on the side of the road! (Yes, there's a story to this one!)

What makes Chalk Couture surfaces so unique

So, you're probably asking if Chalk Couture surfaces are any different than the chalkboards you can buy at craft stores. So, let me give you my take on it.

I'll start by telling you that I am a Chalk Couture Designer. It is so much cheaper to feed my obsession with being a designer, so I signed up. Now, I have LOTS of different chalkboards. Here's what I think is unique about the Chalk Couture surfaces.

First, the most expensive boards are made of metal with a porcelain coating. You can use magnets on them and they clean up like a dream. I've not seen any other board out there like it. I would call this the Ferrari of chalkboards!

The boutique boards (not magnetic) have a slight texture to them. I like the frame styles and they look like high-end, classy home decor items. The frames are sturdy and have nice hardware to hang it on your wall. My craft store frames just don't look as nice. Nor do they seem to be as sturdy. I've chipped a couple of frame edges from my craft store ones, so I have to be more careful.

I think the variety of sizes is the best. Craft store sizes are strange – they are not a standard size which makes my chalk designs look off centered. I also have a hard time getting ALL my chalk paste off some boards which is aggravating.

I HAVE picked up some unique pieces at thrift stores and love them for the unique look I get, but I find that I use & change up my Chalk Couture surfaces more. I know they clean up well and are sturdy, which means they will last for many years. I like knowing I won't have lots of out-of-season decorations cluttering my attic.

Types of Chalk Couture Surfaces

There is a variety of chalkboard surfaces carried on the Chalk Couture website. Let's explore them – and keep in mind all measurements are given in inches.

Couture Gallery Boards

So, Couture Gallery chalkboards are the top of the line. These are the most expensive boards but they are also the nicest. These are the Aiden style boards and come in 3 sizes: 9×12, 12×18, and 18×24. The black surface is actually porcelain-coated steel and the white frame is given a slightly worn look. I personally love the fact they are magnetic because it gives me more options to add elements to my chalk design that are dimensional, but that can also be removed. Cleaning these boards is a dream! Be sure you read how to clean your chalkboard.

There are a couple other magnetic options. The Londyn, which you'll see below as well as Chalk Couture has introduced magnetic sheets. These are fantastic to use with your cutting machine!

Couture Boutique Boards

Boutique boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. These boards are NOT magnetic. The surface is either black, with a slight texture, or a smooth white. I absolutely love that the Chalkology paste will wash off these boards easily as well.

There are several different styles in this collection.

The Greyson comes in either a black frame and is 9×12 or a white frame which is 12.5×18.5 is no longer available. The closest frame style to the Greyson would be the Londyn which is an 8×11 frame. The Londyn is also magnetic!

The Odette has a fun vibe to it! It is a white surface with a contemporary black edge. It comes in 3 sizes: 9×12, 6×18, and 12×18. The Odette is no longer available.

The BRAND NEW OUTSIDE THE BOX FRAME was introduced in late 2023. It is TRULY my favorite in versatility and style! The outside the box frame comes with a frame and a replaceable back that is double sided! So, you can paint the frame or leave it natural. Same thing with the backs. It comes in a wood grain which reverses to a white-washed wood grain. Another option is a white that reverses to black frame refill.

They come in lots of different sizes to fit your favorite transfers!

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Farmhouse Surfaces

There are lots of different styles of Farmhouse boards. There are some box frames in different sizes as well as wooden shapes. Some shapes, like the Vintage truck, Simple Shapes, Door tags, cutting boards, and rounds are available all year long.

Keep in mind some of the shapes are seasonal. For example, there are deer cutouts during the fall/winter as well as leaves and pumpkins. Some spring and summer shapes include hearts, bunnies, and stars.

I will also tell you that MOST of the Farmhouse surfaces are one-time use, meaning that you will want to put a design on the board that you do not plan to change. However, most of these surfaces can be designed on the front AND the back! Some of my favorites are:

Double-Sided Box Frames

Chalk Cutouts

Chalk Cutouts are a fun way to add dimension to your project! The pieces come cut out and you simply add your transfer design and you are done! These do change frequently, so be sure to check out the latest Chalk Couture Chalkable Shapes here.

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These chalkable cutouts were introduced in 2023 and were a HUGE hit! Now, Chalk introduces new shapes with each product launch, so these will change often to go with seasonal transfers.

Chalk Couture also has several fabric surfaces which includes a couple of different pillow covers and some other options. Check out these latest textile options. For these surfaces, it would be best to use ink and then heat set. Here's some great info on using ink on fabric.

Where to buy Chalk Couture Surfaces

Chalk Couture Surfaces are not sold in stores. You'll need to find a Chalk Couture Designer to purchase from. Every designer has a website, so if you don't know anyone, I'd love to help you find the perfect board for all your chalky goodness!

Which Chalk Couture Surface Should I Get?

When choosing the best Chalk couture surface, I want you to consider several things:

  • Which one caught your attention FIRST? Trust your gut.
  • Consider your budget. Frames range in price from $8 to $125.
  • Consider your style. Will it fit in with your existing decorations?
  • Bigger isn't always better. But the smallest isn't either.

Want my opinion? Hopefully, this can help you choose. If you are JUST starting out, go with the board and base. It is perfect for A-size transfers and will help you get your beginner grove going. I'd also suggest picking up a Chalk Coutre Kit. These are great since they include everything you need complete a project.

My new favorite option is the Outside the Box frames! Talk about a space saving idea! You can learn more about these surfaces here! There was just SO much to share, I had to write a whole separate post!

I do have to add, if your budget DOES allow, splurge on the Aiden 12×18 board. It's much nicer and you'll be able to add magnetic decorations to it which will expand your decorative options a lot further.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention this. If you just can't decide between a larger frame and a smaller frame, then choose this Best Basics kit. This kit has both a larger and a smaller one. This is also a great set if you are a Club Couture member because now you have a board to decorate every month (along with your monthly specials, discounted shipping & promotions!)

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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Chalk Couture Surface Ideas

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