Chalk Couture Gnomes

Chalk Couture Gnomes

Do you love gnomes as much as I do? Then you'll be super excited about this next project! It's a fun gnome transfer used on a farmhouse frame or a chalkboard – white or black – to make your holiday decor a little bit cuter.

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Chalk Couture has had a couple of different gnome transfers, but this one is my favorite!

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chalk couture gnome stencil

Chalk Couture Gnomes Supplies List

This Gnome Transfer from Chalk Couture is the cutest! The transfer comes with 3 different styles or designs and remember that each can be used multiple times if you clean them correctly.

To make it easy, I've put together the above items in a Farmhouse Gnome Kit, so you can get all you need with one click!

If you prefer a fancier option, This Odette Gnome Kit uses the 6×18 Odette board, so you could reuse this surface if needed.

Of course, if you need more than one gnome, then this Sylvie board with the gnomes will make the perfect kit!

How to Create a Gnome in one Color

This is really the easiest way to create a cute gnome. Pick your surface and your gnome design. Fuzz your transfer and place it on your surface. Then using one color of paste, smooth it over the transfer and peel. Isn't it just so cute?!

chalk couture gnomes transfer design on a door tag with black paste
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This project was created on a wooden door tag.

How to Create a Watercolor Chalk Couture Gnomes

The simplest way to describe this multicolor gnome is to just show you how to create your own!

So, as you can see, you will create the entire design using a light color paste, like dune. Let this dry and then using a color of your choice (In the video they used orange peel), add some water to the paste to make it thinner and paint the areas you like.

Once that is dry, reapply the transfer lining up to match the previous design and apply the paste in black over the top.

Have fun with this technique and use several different colors. The sky is the limit on how many different gnome designs you can create.

Chalk Couture Gnomes Project Ideas

chalk couture gnomes on farmhouse box frame with black paste
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Since this transfer has 3 different gnomes on it, there are endless options to create the perfect gnome for every season & holiday! Just change up your paste colors, add a few seasonal additions and you're good to go!

Another fun idea is to add embellishments to the gnome. This one added a wood bead for the nose and a pom-pom to the hat.

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I'll be adding more gnome ideas and projects to this post, so be sure to check back often for more inspiration!

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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Chalk Couture Gnomes Transfer

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