Hi beautiful! I'm Michelle.

So, I'm hoping you stopped by because you love to craft and create things. If not, did you stop by because you WANT to create something beautiful but don't feel like you're “creative enough” to do it? Or do you just want to know what I'm about?

this is  About Michelle from Empty Nest DIY craft blog
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Well, lucky for you, I can help!

See, I, like you probably, am a busy lady! I work, I have kids, and a family. I have a house that needs cleaning and laundry that needs folding. BUT I also need a creative outlet.

I think we all need SOME sort of outlet. You may binge-watch Netflix, read the latest NY Times bestseller or try out a new recipe. Whatever it is, it brings you some happiness and a bit of inner peace.

I also think that you are creative whether you think so or not. See, we were all created by the greatest creator that ever was and He made us in His likeness. So you got that going for you!.

But with this super busy life we don't always have time to do the fun stuff, so my purpose here is to show you some simple ways to create some really cool crafts, home decor, DIY gifts, and more.

Also know that I'll be adding new ideas, tutorials, and videos to this blog weekly so you'll want to come back regularly and see what's new.

The best place to start is finding out what Chalk Couture is all about because it all spins off from there! Then you should read about Club Couture and how to clean your transfers since that was really the first question I had when I started. My next desire was for a permanent discount, so I signed up to be a Designer!

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A little bit about me

I've been crafting since I was young. I used to make Barbie beds out of tissue boxes and learned to quilt from my grandmother. I have a shelf full of scrapbooks and an obsession with glitter.

I'm married to an amazing man who's both artist and engineer and I have two extra-long kids. My kids are older so I have more time to craft, which is why I'm here to show you how to find pockets of time to create things your friends won't believe you made!

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Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll come to hang out with me in my craft room and enjoy making pretty (maybe even sparkly) things alongside me.

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