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Welcome to the world of Chalk Couture, where creativity and high-end home decor collide! If you're looking for a unique and stylish way to transform your living space, then look no further. Chalk Couture is a revolutionary DIY crafting technique that allows you to create stunning designs using chalk paste and stencils.

And with every season, the need to change your home decor is simple thanks to new Chalk Couture transfers. Keep reading for all the details on when new chalk couture transfers are launched.

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When are new chalk couture transfers launched

Think about the seasons and holidays. Most companies – including Chalk Couture want to be on trend for each new season and each new holiday. So, you will see new transfer designs being launched prior to these new seasons. So, look for new chalk couture transfers to launch a couple of months prior to each season or holiday.

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no cost to you if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for more information.

Major new transfer launches

Prior to 2022 there are 2 major launches each year that correspond with catalog releases. The Spring/Summer catalog is usually revealed to Designers in January and launched in February. The Fall/Winter catalog is revealed at the annual summer ChalkCon convention and released in August. However that all changed in 2022!

More Frequent Smaller New Transfer Launches

Starting in 2022 Chalk Couture moved to have more frequent launches spread out throughout the year. So now you get smaller new collections but they are launched more frequently. Let's look at the timing.

Creative Kickstart is in January. It's something to look forward to after the rush of the holidays. This launch usually includes a few new limited-time transfers. These new transfers are only available during January. In 2023 they offered a “bundle” with a specific purchase. This Door Decor Bundle included a couple of transfers and a limited edition oval surface.

January also brought the Fresh Start Collection. This includes some on-trend designs as well as some all-around fun looks.

The Spring Collection launches in February. This is a little bit bigger collection. In 2023 we saw the introduction of chalkable shapes that are cut into shapes to match a transfer. For example, there were Family of Gnomes chalkable chips that matched the Family of Gnomes transfer. These shapes sold out quickly. Hopefully, this means more types of these cute surfaces will be available in future launches.

The spring new transfer launch also includes holidays for St Patricks Day and Easter. Watch my chalk site for announced sales on holiday transfers. There is also Transferpoloza, where you buy a certain number of transfers and get one free! This is a good time to shop early & stock up!

Summerbrations launch includes summertime transfers and is launched in April. I LOVE summer, so this is my favorite launch. It puts me into “beach mode” and ready to decorate for all things summery! Watch for Summerbrations to launch around this time so you're prepared for summer!

In addition, there was a small launch called Font Fun in May of 2023. This product set included 3 new fonts and 3 new surfaces. One was a letter board that included chalkable chip tiles. The matching font allowed you to create your own saying and letters as well as some fun emojis to customize your board how you want!

In addition to the letter board was a letter base so you could do smaller font pairings or sayings. The pennant banner and a corresponding font was also launched. The banner allowed you to create banners for all kinds of celebrations!

The annual Chalk Couture convention occurs in the summer, usually in June or July and that brings a whole batch of new chalk couture transfers.

Autumn launch, which usually occurs after the convention is typically in July. In 2023 the Autumn launch will occur on July 11. The Autumn launch includes fall decor items as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a small Christmas collection.

The launch of digital bundles with the autumn launch is a big hit! You can purchase the transfer and matching digital file in a bundle so you can cut out the chalk shapes. More on this in this article about Chalk Couture Digital Bundles.

Holiday launch happens before the holidays – so you have time to prepare your holiday decor. (more information forthcoming on dates). This launch will contain LOTS and LOTS of Christmas transfers and decor items.

Be sure to check back often as I'll update this post going forward as new transfers and launches are announced.

new chalk couture transfers
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new chalk couture transfer launch

Club Couture

One way to make sure you are on top of all the latest trends and styles is to join Chalk Couture's Club Couture. It's a monthly subscription that includes an exclusive B size transfer and some coordinating paste packs. So just think – monthly you can have a new chalk design kit (ready to use!) delivered to your mail box! Wanna see the latest design and sign up? Here's where you can sign up or keep reading to learn more.

And in 2023 Club Couture got even BETTER! Now Club subscribers will not only get an exclusive transfer and paste but will also get a small squeegee with their first month's shipment. Additionally, with the launch of chalkable shapes, you could see those in your monthly subscription! Be sure to read all about Club Couture here.

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