FAQ for Chalk Couture Transfers

What are Chalk Couture transfers

Transfers are a sticky silk screen that helps you to create a design using chalkology paste on a surface. Transfers can be used on non-porous as well as porous surfaces such as fabric, canvas and paper.

Are Chalk Couture transfers reusable

Yes! When used properly you can use transfers 8-12 times. If the surface you use is rough (or paper) then it will reduce the life of your transfer.

How to clean chalk couture transfers

Find detailed instructions & photos. Transfers are best cleaned immediately after use in a pan (large enogh for the transfer to fit in) with water covering the bottom about a 1/2 inch. Use a board eraser to wipe the paste from the transfer and lay it sticky side up on a fuzzing cloth or dish drying mat. Wipe the sticky side with a disinfectant wipe and let it dry. Replace the backer.

How to make chalk couture transfers sticky again

Chalk Couture transfers can be made sticky again by wiping the sticky side with a disinfectant wipe and let it dry. DO NOT use baby wipes!

Where can I buy chalk couture transfers

You can purchase chalk couture transfers from your local designer or online.

How long does chalk couture transfer last

Chalk Couture transfers will last 8-12 uses depending on the surface you use them on. Cleaning them and using them properly is key.

How to organize chalk couture transfers or stencils

Organize your transfers by size. Small size transfers (A & B) can be stoerd in file folders or 3 ring binder in page protectors. Larger transfers (C, D & E) are stored best hanging from pants hangers or on hooks (command style hooks or peg board). More chalk couture transfer storage ideas are added so be sure to check out the blog post.

How to store chalk couture transfers

Small chalk couture transfers can be stored in clear folders or envelopes as well as 3 ring binders or art portfolios. Large transfers can be hung from pants hangers or hooks (either from a peg-board or command-type hooks. Large art portfolios also work well. Lots of additional storage tips here.

How to use chalk couture transfers

Chalk Couture transfers are peeled from their backing, fuzzed to remove some sticky and placed on a hard surface. Chalk paste or ink is spread over the transfer and peeled away to create seasonal or on trend home decor items or wearable art.

How to restick chalk couture transfers

To make chalk couture transfers sticky again simply wipe them with a disinfectant wipe.
To restick your transfer to the backing paper, place transfer on a table sticky side up and place your backer, shiny side down onto the transfer and smooth.

FAQ Chalk Couture Paste

Where to buy chalk couture paste

Chalk Couture paste can be purchased from your local Chalk Couture Designer or online.

What size is the chalk couture paste

Chalk Couture chalkology paste comes in two sizes. Small paste singles come in packets and contain .19 oz of paste. Jars contain 3 oz of paste.

What are the chalk couture paste colors

Chalk couture paste comes in an assortment of colors with approximately 30 classic colors, 3 shimmer colors and 5 seasonal colors called en vogue. En vogue colors are for that current season only.

How long does chalk couture paste last

Chalk couture paste lasts about 6 months once it's opened and twice that unopened. You'll want to make the most of your paste by checking out these helpful tips.

Help! My Chalk Couture paste is dry

Spritz your paste with distilled water and stir. Add more water until it is the right consistency. Read all about chalk couture paste & helpful tips here!

My Chalk Couture paste is too thick!

Spritz your paste with distilled water and stir. You want it the consistency of sour cream. More paste tips.

How do I make chalk couture paste permanent

You can seal your chalk design to make it permanet. Spray a clear polyurethane, wax or other sealant dependent on your type of surface. Apply a light coat so your chalk will not run. Krylon clear sealant works great for indoor art.

Difference in Chalk Couture paste and inks

Chalk couture pastes are intended to be washable so that you can change your decor for each season or holiday. So investing in one quality surface and multiple designs gives you an easier way to decorate. Chalk Couture inks are permanent and do not wash off once they are heat set.

FAQ Chalk Couture Business

How to join Chalk Couture

It's super easy to start a Chalk Couture business. Simply sign up online and receive your kit in the mail. Be sure to read more tips on starting a chalk couture business.