The Charming Chalk Couture Vintage Truck

Vintage Truck Transfer

The Chalk Couture vintage truck transfer is easily one of my favorites due to the fact it is so versatile! I can update it for every season – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall using add-on transfers.

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Where to get the Chalk Couture Vintage Truck Transfer

The Vintage Truck transfer from Chalk Couture is a B size transfer and can be used for SO many designs! You can pick up your transfer right here! But keep reading about more awesome transfers you can add to this baby to make a year full of fun designs!

How to create the Vintage Truck design

chalk couture vintage truck transfer to use for chalk painting
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So, as you can see, the transfer has 2 parts. You will layer these 2 parts to get your full truck design. You want to do the middle part of the truck design first. I like to lay it down on my board and smooth it out. I then gently lay the larger truck part over it, lining up the tires and wheel well to make sure the truck will be placed where I want on my surface.

You will chalk the middle part of the truck and let it dry completely. If you want to speed up the drying time, use a small hair dryer or a really awesome drying tool (Coming soon!)!

chalk couture vintage truck using chalkology paste to create a vintage truck design
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Chalk the center design first and then chalk larger truck over it

Once the middle section is dry, place the larger truck transfer over it lining up the wheels and smooth it down. Apply your chalk paste smoothly and scrape off the excess.

Peel up your transfer with both hands and wash immediately. Be sure you know how to correctly clean your chalk couture transfers using these tips.

The fun part about the Vintage Truck is that you can make it in ANY color combination. Most use white for the large part of the transfer if you are using a black chalk board. Black is the most popular color if you are using white or a light colored surface.

I really like a blue truck. It reminds me of my grandmothers old blue Ford. Such fond memories!

Now that you have your vintage truck done, let's discover how you can change it up each season!

Chalk Couture Vintage Truck Add on Transfers

I love the seasonal add on transfers for the vintage truck transfer because it allows you to change up your fun vintage truck for every season, and lots of holidays too! There are 4 different vintage truck add on transfers. They are winter, spring, summer and fall add-ons.

Chalk Couture Vintage Truck Winter Add on

The Vintage Truck winter add on transfer gives you LOTS of options for winter. There is snowboarding and a tree that makes a great Christmas tree!

This add on also comes with a new center truck part that will turn your plain truck into a plaid center panel! I love it!

vintage truck from chalk couture designed for Christmas using the vintage truck winter add-on and farmhouse christmas transfer.
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In the design above I used the Vintage truck stencil, the Winter vintage truck add-on as well as the Farmhouse Christmas transfer. The Tarheel was done using the rustic font.

My college boy loved this and from it I had several request to do other schools and family names as well.

Vintage Truck Spring Add on

The spring vintage truck add on will give you the extra beauty you need to celebrate spring! You have designs good for Valentines day, St Patricks Day and Easter. You could change your truck up at least 3 times before summer arrives!

chalk couture vintage truck with vintage truck spring add-on transfer to make cute spring chalk signs
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Vintage Truck Summer Add on

The summer add-on celebrates my favorite season! Surf, fishing, and of course July 4th make this add-on SO easy to celebrate the lazy, hot days of summer. The surfboards and the Bayside Surf Shop logo would look amazing on a t-shirt as well as a chalk board.

If you decide to put this design on a t-shirt, you will want o use Chalk Couture inks instead of paste. You'll also want to make sure you follow some of these steps when you ink on fabric.

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Vintage Truck Fall Add on

The fall add-on for the vintage truck has JUST what you need to celebrate fall! There are fun corn stalks (who loves a good corn maze?) as well as pumpkins (did someone say pumpkin patch?) and apples. Use this transfer to get you in the fall spirit. You can also add another small box frame to use with some of the fall titles on this transfer.

chalk couture vintage truck fall add on with apples
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Chalk Couture Vintage Truck Tutorial

So many choices & so much to think about right? If you are looking for a tutorial video – look no further! You'll find a Vintage truck tutorial up on my Youtube page very soon!

Where to get your Vintage Truck kit

All of the stencils you've seen so far can be purchased from Chalk Couture. I've put together a couple of options:

the first option includes the vintage truck transfer along with the spring and summer add-on as well as white paste, a small squeegee, and a Sylvia 18×24 board (this gives you LOTS of room for titles along with your truck). You can see the collection at this link.

The second option includes just the vintage truck transfer with no seasonal add-ons, paste, squeegee, and a Sylvie 12×18 board. This collection can be viewed here. If you prefer the Grayson board, you'll want this collection. Please note, these collections are put together and sometimes can get wonky! You can edit, delete and add to any of these collections to make them your own.

Vintage Truck Update 2021

With the launch of the Spring 2021 catalog, Chalk Couture has updated the Vintage Truck transfer as well as the Add-ons.

The New Chalk Couture Vintage truck will now be a C-sized transfer so that you can have the truck face in both directions! Now your truck can be coming and going! And the Vintage Add-on will now be one transfer. I've put together two custom collections to help you get started quickly.

This first collection is basic. It includes the NEW vintage truck transfer, the Vintage truck add on, paste and a squeegee. You'll want to add a second paste color or a seasonal paste pack. You can get the Basic Vintage Truck collection here.

NEW Vintage Truck Cut outs

And if that wasn't enough – the new Chalk Couture Vintage Truck cut outs are being launched also! These cute wood cutouts will allow you to chalk on both sides of the wooden cut out and you can add the vintage truck add-on shapes which allow you to chalk cute little additions to the bed of your truck!

chalk couture vintage truck wood cutouts. use the chalk transfer on the wood shapes for year long fresh decorations
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NEW Chalk Couture wood cutouts

The Everything Vintage Truck collection is a unique collection of products I've put together for easy shopping. It includes items in the Basic collection (listed above) plus the Vintage truck wooden cut outs. This gives you a cute truck-sized cut-out to paste and then add your add ons so seasonal changes are as simple as turning your wooden piece around. The Everything Vintage Truck collection has arrived! Note, in this collection I subbed in a Paste pallet pack to give a wider variety of paste colors.

See how easy it is to create your very own vintage truck using the collection above. These trucks would look cute on a tiered tray!

Chalk Couture Vintage Truck how-to

Other Chalk Couture Vintage Vehicles

If you love the Chalk couture vintage truck then you may also like the vintage Volkswagon bug (which also has a bug add-on) and the vintage camper. The happy camper also has a winter and summer add-on. Both would go great with your truck designs.

Chalkboard Size for Vintage Truck

Since the truck itself is about 12×5 finished you want to make sure you put it on a chalkboard that is big enough should you want to add some decorations to it. I've made it on smaller sized boards (The Christmas truck shown above was on a 10×13 board and my design barely fit.). I would suggest not going any smaller than a 10×13 if you plan to add a title.

I really love the vintage truck on the Greyson frame or the Odette board is great if you prefer a white background. Both of these surfaces are economically priced and will last you through many seasons if you clean them properly.

If you plan to do just the vintage truck and NOT change it up, I think the diagonal pallet board would give it a very rustic feel.

And I'm planning to add some farmhouse beads to my Vintage Truck display! I'd love to see what you create with the Vintage Truck transfer! Feel free to find me on Facebook & share your designs!

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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Chalk Couture Vintage Truck stencil

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