Discover the Endless Possibilities: Where Can I Use Chalk Couture Paste?

Where can I use Chalk Couture Paste

Chalk Couture Paste and inks are created to be used on virtually any porous surface. This means that you could potentially put chalk on just about anything that doesn't move (and a few that do!)

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Chalk Couture Chalkology Paste versus Ink

Before we get into what you can use chalk paste on, let's talk about what chalkology paste is and what chalk couture ink is and the difference in the two products.

Chalk paste is meant to be used as a temporary design tool because it easily washes off with water. However, the paste is pretty durable and will last on your surface.

Chalk couture inks are meant for permanent use. So, if it's a sign you don't intend to change, use inks. If you are using cloth, like a T-shirt, you'll definitely want to use inks. They will be permanent after they are heat set.

Can I use Chalk Couture on Wood

This seems like a pretty easy yes, right? But let's dig a bit deeper. Is the wood a smooth, sanded piece or a rough reclaimed plank from an old barn?

If your wood is smooth and sanded, ensure it is free from dust before you put your transfer down since all the dust will stick to your transfer and make it bumpy. You will want to be sure to fuzz your transfer as well to make sure the transfer will come off easily once you are done.

Now, if you are using an uneven board, the process gets a bit trickier. A rough piece of wood means that your transfer will not cover your surface evenly and could cause the paste or ink to bleed under the transfer. This means your design might not look exactly how you want it to look (perfect!).

Rough boards should be prepped before using a chalk transfer. If possible, sand the board and wipe away any sanding dust so your transfer stays clean. You can also paint it. If you do paint it, you will need to seal it with a paste wax before using chalk. This will prevent the paint from peeling up with the transfer and ruining your project.

You can get board wax from Chalk Couture along with your paste. You can also find paste wax at your local hardware or home improvement store. Be sure to wax the board and let it sit 24 hours before putting your transfer & chalk on it.

chalk couture on wood, where to use chalk couture paste, chalk paste on wood
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I tend to wax board signs I get from craft stores, especially textured and those made to look weathered. Mostly to protect my transfers so they can live a long and healthy life. Wooden porch signs are so popular now. So, if you are interested in creating one, you'll want to read this tutorial on making a welcome porch sign.

Can I use Chalk Couture on Fabric

You can use chalk couture chalkology paste on fabrics, but keep in mind there's a better option. Chalk couture inks tend to work better on fabrics. You can use inks on tshirts for quick holiday clothing. Another option is to use burlap – banners, flags and such. Just keep in mine the burlap has a rough texture so you need to make sure all the edges of your transfer meet the fabric.

chalk couture ink on fabric, where to use chalk couture ink
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Chalk Couture sells several fabric blanks like pillow covers, fabric banners, and a tote. They also have a banner that could be designed on both sides (just know that one side will have the hem showing), as well as refill banners so you can make a new banner for every holiday!

I recently made a lumbar pillow as a gift. I love this design!

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I really enjoy using inks on fabric and can show you how. I tend to take my time a bit more since I know it's a permanent design. Designing on Tshirts has become a new passion of mine too!

Can I use Chalk Couture on glass

Using chalk on glass or mirrors can be a whole lot of fun. Think about putting some cute snowflakes on your windows or even your storm door. How about a cute saying on your bathroom mirror?

Just be sure to fuzz your transfer REALLY well since transfers tend to stick to smooth surfaces & sometimes are tough to get off. You don't want to ruin your transfer because you can't peel it off your bathroom mirror!

And here is a fun project I created on a glass mug. See how to create a stylish mug using chalk couture ink on glass.

Can I use chalk couture on canvas

I can't think of a cooler place to use chalk than creating a chalk couture canvas with either inks or paste. As shown in the video above, you can use either, you'll just need to heat set the inks to make them permanent.

chalk couture on canvas, where to use chalk couture paste and ink
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Stay tuned for a step by step tutorial on creating canvas art with chalk couture.

Final thoughts on where to use chalk couture

SO MANY places to use chalk couture paste and inks that hopefully now you know where to use chalk couture paste and inks. I've even seen one person chalk on her self like a tattoo. Another friend wanted to put a design on her refrigerator. Another on her dishwasher. Now that would be amazing! Where would you like to put a design? Your office cabinets?

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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Where to use chalk couture paste and inks

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