Welcome to Our Porch Sign

Chalk Couture Welcome to our Porch Sign Project

I love springtime and sitting on my porch – and this Welcome to our porch sign is the perfect decor to add to your cozy porch. It's super simple to make and your options are limitless! So, grab a beverage and I'm going to show you how quick and easy this sign really is to make!

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Project Supplies

How to Decorate your Board

First, Paint your Board

I chose the Christina board from Craft Dealz. I really like the shape and style of it and it was the perfect size for this stencil. If you purchase this board, you'll want to sand the edges & front. Wipe it down and then paint it.

I let the paint dry for 24 hours before I try to decorate the board. This will ensure the paint does not pick up or stick to the back of the transfer.

I also like to seal my painted board with a little surface wax just to make sure my transfer will release well.

painting board to make chalk sign
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Apply the Stencil or Transfer

Next, you'll fuzz your transfer (read more about the importance of fuzzing your transfer) and then put it on your board.

Make sure you smooth your transfer completely over your board so there are no bumps or air pockets. This will make sure your design is perfect!

Welcome to our porch chalk couture transfer
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Once your transfer is on your board, you'll apply your paste with a squeegee. You can use all one color or a couple of different colors. I've made a beautiful sign on a black board with white lettering, or you could reverse the colors and use a white board and black pate.

For this sign, I used Cadet blue paste as well as Pesto green paste.

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Once you've applied the paste, peel off the transfer and wash the stencil. You'll want to follow these easy steps to cleaning your transfer. This will make sure you can reuse it several times.

Welcome to our porch sign from Chalk Couture on a wooden board
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Hang on your Porch

Now that your sign looks amazing, it's time to show it off!

If your sign does not have a hanger on the back you can add a sawtooth hanger if the board is thick enough. A jute rope hanger would also look nice. I had some triangle hangers that I attached to the back of this sign.

Welcome to our porch sign hanging on a porch
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Doesn't it look amazing? Is your porch just begging for a cute sign like this?

Honestly, this project didn't take long to make at all! If you sand your board and paint it on one day. Let the paint dry overnight. Then put your stencil design on it the next day – this part shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

Where to buy Chalk Couture Transfers

This awesome Welcome to our Porch transfer can be purchased through Chalk Couture. It's not sold in any stores. So, to make it super easy, I have created a super easy option for you. You can click on the link and it will take you to a cart that contains what you need for this project (except for the board). Now – the paste colors in there are just a couple I picked. Feel free to add the colors you want and delete the ones you don't & you'll be ready to order your items & make your Porch sign soon!

If you do make a Welcome to our Porch sign, I'd LOVE to see it! Pop over to my Facebook page & share your picture! I also occasionally share customer designs in my Newsletter!

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Welcome to our Porch Sign

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