How to use Torch Paste with Chalk Couture Stencils

Torch Paste Gel

I love chalk couture projects with their colorful paste, but sometimes I want a different look. How about you? If you've ever wanted to add a little extra something- a different look- to your chalk couture project, then I've got an idea for you! Have you heard of torch paste? It is a quick and easy way to add a different look to your home decor projects – more rustic. In this article, we'll show you how to use torch paste with chalk couture stencils and share some tips and tricks.

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Where to Buy Torch Paste

There are a couple of places you can buy torch paste. The best place to buy it is online. I prefer to buy it directly from the torch paste website . You can also get it on sites like Amazon. I”ve not seen it in stores, but you can check on the torch paste website for store locations. (I have a special discount code for you though at the bottom – keep reading!)

Torch Paste Instructions

So before we jump in and learn to use the torch paste, you'll want to gather some of these extra supplies. This is what I have on hand to use with my Chalk supplies and it's helpful to have near by.

Now, here's what you'll need for your torch project.

Supplies you'll need:

Step by Step Instructions for using Torch Paste on Wood

Sand Wood Surface

First, you'll want to make sure that your wood surface is smooth. If yours needs some smoothing, grab some sandpaper and make sure it's smooth. Finish with 220-grit paper for a super smooth finish.

You'll want to make sure you get all the sawdust off from sanding, so blow it off and wipe it with a lint-free cloth.

Apply Stencil

Choose your Chalk Couture Stencil and prepare it by fuzzing it and then placing it on the piece of wood. Make sure you smooth it on the surface so you don't have any bubbles or wrinkles. Those will allow the paste to go under the stencil & you don't want that!

chalk coutre stencils on wood with torch paste
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Apply stencils to wood

Apply the Torch Paste

Apply the torch paste using a squeegee, just like you would with your chalkology paste or ink. Make sure you remember to remove the excess paste with your squeegee and put it back in the jar. A little really does go a long way.

apply torch paste to wood with squeegee
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Apply torch paste to wood with squeegee

Peel off your stencil and wash it. I like to clean my transfers right after using them as it helps them to last longer. Plus, this will give your torch paste time to set on your project so once you are finished cleaning your transfers, it will be time to torch them.

Let the torch paste sit on the wood surface for a few minutes before you use your heat gun.

let the torch paste sit on the wood before applying heat
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Torch Paste Design “soacking” in before applying heat

Use Heat Gun

Next, you'll want to get out your heat gun. I used a heat gun we had (it was in my husband's tools!) however, I didn't check the temperature until after I had finished. It was the right temperature, but I think I needed to let the heat gun warm up before I used it.

You'll also want to ensure you are in a well-ventilated area. Plug in the heat gun and turn it on. Let it warm up by just letting it run for a few minutes to get to the temperature you'll need. I also used one of the heat gun tips to funnel the hot air to a smaller area. If your heat gun comes with tips, you may want to try one to test different results.

Aim the heat gun nozzle at your project and using a circular or up-and-down motion move the heat over the project. You will begin to see it change colors. Once you have the desired look you'll want to remove the heat and let your project cool.

My heat gun wasn't warmed up so my projects took longer to burn. Plus, I feel like they burned unevenly. You will want a heat gun that can heat to at least 775 degrees Fahrenheit. (400 degrees celsius). I'd also suggest doing a few small “test” projects to get the feel of the paste and your heat gun. You can buy small round wood pieces to use for your tests.

torch paste on wood
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Finished Wood Pieces using Torch Paste method

Where Can I Use Torch Paste

Believe it or not, you can use torch paste on other surfaces – not just wood. So remember – unfinished wood makes great designs. So does denim! I've not tried it on any other surfaces, but I'm eager to! What else do you think it will work on?

Tips & Tricks when using Torch Paste

  • Do not use torch paste on wood that is stained or painted
  • Start with a SMALL project
  • A little goes a long way! Apply to wood with a squeegee and be sure to scrape off excess leaving a thin layer on your board
  • Make sure you let the paste sit on the wood for the required time before putting heat on it for the best results
  • Let your heat gun warm up by running it a few minutes before use
  • Try to keep the heat evenly across your project so you get an even burned look.
  • Sand your wood with 220 grit sandpaper after torching to make your line crisp
  • You CAN stain your wood AFTER you use the torch paste.
  • You can finish your wood piece with polyurethane, tung oil (also called danish oil) or wood paste wax
  • If you are using paste on a cutting board you will need to seal it with food grade protector.
  • Check your heat gun. Be sure you have the required heat level to activate the paste. Do not try to use a hair dryer.

Wood Burning Paste

There may be other wood-burning pastes on the market, but I LOVE this torch paste, and here's why:

First – it's made right here in the USA. Purchasing this is supporting a local small business right here in America. It is also woman-owned, which is also great. Next, it was easy to use and the instructions for use are very clear. There are a couple of videos I watched to learn more before I purchased it.

Lastly, I ordered this directly from the torch paste website and had it in just a couple of days. So, if you think you will get it quicker from Amazon, you may be surprised. It comes via USPS very quickly (here in the US) and mine was in a bright orange package.

If you order directly from the torch paste website, you can get 10% off your order by using this link! You can also use code ENDIY at checkout to get your discount also.

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Torch Paste for Wood Burning

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