The Ultimate Guide to Pinners Conference

What is the Pinners Conference

What is a Pinterest Convention? I'd like to call it Heaven for crafters! It's a large trade show and multiple daily classes where you can learn all things crafty! There is a huge expo (think large trade show with rows of craft vendors) and lots of additional space to do classes and make & takes.

Where is the Pinners Conference

Pinners conferences are held is several cities around the United States. At the time of this post, there are eight cities that host the conference. It has grown from six locations in previous years, so if you are holding out for a location closer to you, keep checking!

Pinners conference sign
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You can find the latest list of pinners conference locations at the Pinners Conference webpage.

When is Pinners Conference?

Pinners Conferences happen throughout the year. I attended the one in Atlanta, Georgia as it is closest to me. In 2022 it was March 11 and 12. It is scheduled for March 24 and 25, 2023 (so mark your calendar now!)

These shows are scheduled on a Friday and Saturday. I went both days, because who can just have ONE day of crafty goodness? I found that Friday was less crowded, though I did not find the entire event that crowded overall. However, keep in mind, this is the first year returning after the pandemic, and many who I talked to said that it had been much bigger & busier in previous years.

Pinners Conference Tickets

You will need a ticket to get into the Pinners Conference. There are several ticketing options depending on your budget and plans.

The tickets are as follows:

  • General admission
  • One day admission Plus 2 Classes
  • One day admission plus all classes
  • Two-day admission plus all classes
  • VIP

General Admission is the cheapest and sometimes can be acquired with a promo code (see below). The prices go up incrementally. I feel like the 2-day pass with all the classes is the best deal if you can't score a VIP ticket.

I got a 2-day ticket and even though it paid for 6 classes, I only took 4-5 each day. The classes last about one hour so take a look at the class schedule and make a list of the classes you are interested in. Then make sure they aren't offered at the same time.

Pinners VIP

The VIP tickets are the most expensive but really give you a VIP experience. There is a limited number of these tickets and they tend to sell out quickly. At the time of this post, VIP was $139. A 2 day, all class ticket was $49. You'll need to decide if the VIP benefits are worth the extra $90.

With your VIP ticket, you get:

  • Early entry to the Expo on both days.
  • First in line for standby class entry
  • A “preview party” the night before with fun, games and prizes.
  • A “swag bag” full of goodies from the Expo vendors
  • A really cool metal drinking cup
  • A lanyard, name tag and pins (everyone else has wristbands)

Pinners Conference Promo Codes

Before purchasing tickets look for Promo Codes. Check out some of the class presenters. Sometimes they list ticket promo codes on their social media channels. Make sure you also sign up for the Pinners emails as they can send codes.

Groupon also had some discounted general admission tickets, so be sure to check for your area.

I did not find any discount promos for the higher-priced tickets, but hopefully, you will!

Top Tips and Tricks for Pinners Conference

What to Wear

You will want to make sure you are dressed for this event. I don't mean dressed up, I mean dressed comfortably – and if you can do cute and comfortable, that's a win! You will definitely want to wear comfy shoes. You will be walking and standing most of the day, so your most comfortable shoes are a must!

If you're worried about what to wear – don't! I saw everything from jeans and t-shirts to business outfits (but those were usually presenters!). I wore layers! I went in March and it was still cold in Atlanta (and actually had snow flurries one day!) and that worked well.

I did wear jeans, but I love my jeans – they are so comfortable! I wore a cute top on the first day and then layered with a short sleeve and fleece top on the second day. I usually get cold indoors so the fleece kept me warm. If you are the type that is always warm, you should be fine in short sleeves.

pinners conference photo opp
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Dressed in cute but comfy clothes for Pinners Conference

You could also make a cute shirt with your cutting machine to wear! I saw a few shirts that groups had made for the event.

You can always buy a Pinners t-shirt to wear also. They are sold where you get your wristband at check-in.

What to Take to Pinners Conference

What to bring: small notebook, pen, phone/camera, water bottle & snacks, glasses/reading glasses, latex gloves, apron, extra power pack for the phone with a cord,

I took a rolling backpack to keep my water and snacks in as well as any purchases I made. If you know you're a big shopper, then bring those wire rolling carts to carry your goodies in. I think most people took their larger purchases right out to their car as parking was close.

I didn't really see any rolling suitcases, but that would also be an option to carry your things.

Additional Tips

  • Register for classes ahead of time. This will save you time when you get there.
  • Do not fill your day with classes. You will want some downtime to look around the exhibit hall.
  • Buy the class kit ahead of time. This saves time at the beginning of class.
  • Bring a bottle of water and some snacks.
  • Bathrooms were always busy. We found the ones by the exit were less crowded than by the entrance, so check out where they are when you arrive. Our area also had some outside the exhibit hall that was never full either.
  • The bathroom was a great place for vendors to promote their booths! We found several “coupons” taped to our door, which was very clever advertising!
mack & rex bracelet class kit
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Mack & Rex bracelet class

Pinners Expo Vendors

I found the vendors at the Pinners expo were varied. There were lots of different vendors with lots of different merchandise, so there was something for everyone! I personally loved the DIY booths the best, but I'm not going to lie! I did buy some earrings for my daughter and some bracelets for me.

chalk couture booth at pinners conference
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Chalk Couture booth

Obviously, the Chalk Couture booth was my favorite! If you aren't familiar with Chalk Couture, you can learn all about it here.

Make & Takes

There are lots of Make & Takes to do. The first one I did was a glitter pen. It was fun and now I have a sparkly pen! There were sign painting, textured painting, plant arranging and SO much more. These are usually at tables close to the booth that is supporting it.

glitter pen make and take at pinners conference
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glitter pen make & take

My suggestion is to walk through and see all the make & takes and choose the one you'd like to do based on which you like best. I missed out on painting a cute gnome because they sold out by the time I got to that table.

I also found that some of the class presenters will also have a make & take table once they've taught their class. Such was the case with Mack & Rex. I took the class and made a great bracelet. Then I went back and made another. They weren't kidding when they said they are addicting!

blog owner of empty nest diy and makc and rex model at pinners conference ga
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Made new friends at Pinners Conference!

Pinners Conference 2022

My experience at Pinners Conference was very positive. I found that the whole process was very simple from buying tickets, to registering and finding my classes. I'll definitely be going back next year and taking more friends with me!

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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