Pinecone Gnome

Pinecone Gnome DIY

I love the gnome craze, and I must admit I like gnomes. I have quite a few, so when I saw this cute craft on Pinterest to make gnomes using pinecones, I knew I had to try it. See, my Mom makes gorgeous pinecone wreaths, so I knew she would have the perfect pinecones

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See, my dad was a forester and he had access to a seed orchard. My Mom is able to get pinecones from a seed orchard since all the seeds have been removed from the pinecone and they have never weathered. They are a prettier pinecone too.

However, I know most of you will be outside hunting for your pinecones. Make sure you look for ones that are smaller – I used 2-3″ pinecones. Mine are short-leaf pinecones. White pine pinecones (are long and skinny ) would also make cute gnomes.

pine cone gnome diy supplies
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Pinecone gnome supplies

Supplies Needed to Make Pinecone Gnomes

Other than pinecones, you'll need the following:

Once you've collected all your supplies, you may want to lay down some newspaper on your workspace to protect your surface.

I created a pattern for the gnome hats. It's a simple rounded top triangle. It is 4.5 inches long on the flat sides. Then use a round object like a lid or a plate to make a curved line to match the 2 ends. I created a pattern (I traced mine on a paper towel, so don't overthink it!) and then traced it onto the felt. (I know a pattern would help – one is coming soon!)

Once the pattern is traced, cut the felt out and plug in your hot glue gun.

pinecone gnome hat pattern
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pinecone gnome hat pattern traced on felt

You will also want to cut an 8-inch length of gold cord. Fold it in half and tie a knot. I simply made a loop with both ends and pulled the knot tight.. Once you've tied the knot, set it aside

pinecone gnome gold cord hanger
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Gold cord tied in a knot

How to create a gnome hat

To create the hat, you'll pick up one of the felt pieces. It will look like a triangle but one end will be curved. You'll put the curved end toward the top of the cone.

felt hat for pinecone gnome diy
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I measured to make sure it would go around and where it would meet. Then apply hot glue to one corner along the curved end and glue it down.

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Continue to wrap the felt around the pinecone to make a cone hat. Then glue the gold thread you knotted into the top of the hat. I glued mine slightly off center of the point, which worked well for me.

diy pinecone gnome craft
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Line the edge of the felt with hot glue and glue the hat that goes to the top.

pinecone gnome craft
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Let it dry for a little bit and then glue a pom pom at the edge of the hat for the nose.

Pinecone Gnome Ornaments

To finish off your pinecone gnome, you'll want to give it some pretty decorations. We glued pom poms on the tops. We also used tiny pinecones, acorns, and dried flowers to add some personality to these ornaments.

pinecone craft
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Lastly, we did paint a white beard on a couple of them to see how it would look. I prefer the natural look, but if you like it, then use some white craft paint to give your gnome a white beard. You can paint just a small “beard” area or you can paint the whole cone.

pinecone gnomes white beaard
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If you decide you want the whole cone white, it may be easier for you to spray paint the cones before you begin. In which case you'll need to buy spray paint and choose a well-ventilated area to paint your cones (my husband said to be sure you are away from cars! A little breeze and you're car won't like you!)

I did make some using white pine pinecones (the long and skinny cones) and they are really cute. Look for pinecones while you are out walking (we have a few trees at a park where we walk). Pick up ones that don't have a lot of sap on them and are shaped nicely. Some curve to the cone may make a cute gnome.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It is fun to make simple crafts out of natural materials, especially if you love gnomes like I do.

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