How to Use Chalk Couture (How to Make a Chalk Project)

How to Use Chalk Couture Products

Chalk Couture is the latest DIY Direct Sales company to set the crafting industry on fire! It is growing & helping people make beautiful high-end home decor for their living spaces. So, do you want to know how to use chalk couture products to make a gorgeous home decor piece? It's addictive but oh-so-fun! Keep reading!

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What You Need for Your Chalk Couture Project

Chalk Couture is only sold through Independent Designers. Lucky for you that you stumbled across my blog, because I can hook you up!

All you need for your first project is a Chalk Couture Surface, Chalkology Paste and a Chalk Couture Transfer. You can find Chalk Couture Kits that have all the items you need for a specific project – and a little savings too! So head over to my Chalk Shop and choose a Surface (If you need help, read this!), then your Transfer, and then a paste color or 2.

Once you've ordered, you'll have to wait for it to be delivered! I know, waiting on a package is torture! But, while you wait, make sure you've gathered all the extra supplies you'll need so when your box arrives you can rip it open and start creating!

Step by Step Guide – Chalk Couture Project

First, you'll want to remove the transfer from the package and mark the back of the transfer sheet. This ensures you put the right side on the back of your transfer after you clean it (so you can reuse it!). If your transfer requires trimming, then trim it.

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mark the backer sheet of your transfer

Second, you'll peel the transfer from the backing and fuzz the transfer. You'll do this by putting the transfer on a fuzzing cloth or on a lint-free towel. This removes extra sticky so it doesn't stick SO WELL to your project that you can't get it off. Please do not skip this step!

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be sure to fuzz your transfer!

Smooth the transfer onto your surface making sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles.

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smooth transfer on the chalkboard

Now, it's paste time! Scoop up some paste on your squeegee and smooth it over the transfer in a thin even layer. You do not need to make it thick. A thin layer will work best and make sure that it doesn't pull up any paste when you peel your transfer.

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apply a layer of chalkology paste and scrape off excess

Work quickly to spread the paste over the entire design and then scrape off any excess paste and put it back in the jar.

Now peel your transfer off your board in a straight motion – left to right or top to bottom. Do not pull at a diagonal or you could ruin your transfer.

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remove chalk transfer from chalkboard

Allow your design to dry & enjoy!

Now you will want to clean your transfer. Follow these step-by-step instructions for cleaning your transfer.

If your design requires another layer, allow the first layer to dry completely before adding the next layer. You can use the quick-dry tool to help with this part.

I've also added glitter to wet paste after I've peeled the transfer. Just make sure to keep your transfer away from glitter. They don't play well together.

Sometimes it is easier to follow a video, so here's a quick tutorial on creating a basic chalk couture project.

Are you stumped on what project to do? Here's my recommendation:

Start with a 9×12 Surface. It will fit B size transfers – and if you join as a Club Couture member, you'll get a fresh exclusive transfer along with coordinating paste EVERY month! I've put together a few of my favorites (& best-sellers) in this Beginner Chalk Kit. You can change out transfers & paste colors easily – just add to the cart & take out what you don't want.

how to use chalk couture to make home decorations easily
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Now you know how to use Chalk Couture for home decorating!

Another suggestion is to start with a Try-Me Kit. These change monthly and come with everything you need including paste & squeegee.

Chalk Couture try me kit, a good beginner project
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Try Me Kit from Chalk Couture. Click to see the latest designs.

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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Chalk Couture Beginner Guide

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