How to become a Chalk Couture Designer in 2023

Want to be a Chalk Couture Designer?

So, have you found your love of chalk couture has become an obsession and you want to know how you can save some money? Maybe get your chalk couture products at a discount? I mean hey, I love a sale just like the next girl and if I can save on my hobbies, sign me up!

So, let's talk about what it means to sign up as a Chalk Couture Designer, how you actually sign up, what you need to do to stay a designer. I'll also spill the beans on how you can make money as a Chalk Couture Designer and how to cancel if you find it's just not working.

Chalk Couture Business

First, let's talk just a second about this step. If you just want a discount on your Chalk Couture products, the best way IS to sign up as a Designer. However, there are some requirements that need to be met. It really is meant to be a business.

If after reading through this, you decide that being a Designer maybe isn't for you, then Club Couture may be JUST the thing you might like. Club Couture is a monthly subscription which also offers discounts and specials throughout the year.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Chalk Couture

To join Chalk Couture, you'll need to purchase a Designer Kit, which will cost you $99 US or if you are in Canada, it's a bit more. Check here to find the current price since it fluctuates with the exchange rate twice a year. The cost to join Chalk Couture just got a makeover in July 2022. What if I told you that you could join CHalk Couture as a Designer for as little as $10 US? It's true! Keep reading for the latest options.

How to Sign Up for Chalk Couture

It's super easy to join Chalk Couture. You simply go to my website, input your information and payment, and then get excited for that big box of goodies to arrive at your house (if you choose that option)! I can still remember the day when my kit arrived. I was so excited and a little nervous too!

New Joining Options for Chalk Couture in 2022

Starting in July 2022, you can join as a designer for Chalk Couture with 2-3 affordable options.

  • Join for only $9.99 / $0 CAD. This one time fee earns you access to Designer pricing and the
  • Chalk Community. Note, with this option you do not get the current months Club Couture transfer. If you want the transfer, then you will need to also choose a Perks Pack.
  • Join with a Perks Plus Pack for $99

What comes in a Chalk Couture Starter Kit

When you sign up to become a chalk couture designer, and you choose a Perks pack, you will get the following items:

  • Designer Activation Fee
  • 5 Chalk Transfers
  • Club Couture Monthly Transfer
  • Bright White Chalkology Paste (3 oz. jar)
  • 2 Chalkology Paste Palletes (.19 oz)
  • 4 color trays
  • mini squeegee
  • Adhesive magnets
  • 4 surfaces plus Chalkable Chips (pack of 12 rounds)
chalk couture perks pack for easter 2023
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chalk couture designer kit perks pack

The Perks Plus Pack Sprin Perks pack is worth $252 and the Easter Perks pack is valued at $317 which is an awesome deal!

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chalk couture designer kit perks plus pack

How to make money with Chalk Couture

Being a Designer usually means you want to own your own Chalk Couture business and share your love with your friends and family. YOu can earn money by hosting home parties (called Pop Up Shops), workshops (which are hands-on gatherings where your guests complete a project) and even online workshops too.

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Another way to make money with Chalk Couture is to sell your finished products. So, create away and then sell those beautiful creations. I have to be honest, this is one of my favorite aspects of this company. I enjoy creating new pieces and knowing that I can sell them is a huge benefit (and an additional way to earn an income!)

Every order you place on your Designer site earns you 40%. Individual orders placed by customers on your chalk site earns you 25%. You can also create a team of other friends that want to work alongside you and earn more money as a leader. I didn't even talk about the product credits, bonuses, and incentives on top of all that!

Learn all about the Designer Kit from Chalk Couture

Designer Requirements

To remain a Chalk Couture Designer, you need to have $150 – now reduced to $100 in personal volume (PV) every calendar quarter. This is about $167 retail. So from January-March, you need to have $150 $100 PV. If you join in the middle of a quarter, you have an additional month to meet volume requirements.

For example, if you join as a Designer on February 20, you have all of March as well as April, May, and June to fulfill your volume requirements.

How to cancel Chalk Couture Designer

Sometimes things just don't work out, and that's ok. If you aren't able to make your quarterly minimum then you will be converted to a Club Couture Member. You'll receive a monthly transfer and will then simply pay the monthly Club Couture fee.

If you have more questions about joining Chalk Couture, I'm happy to answer them for you. You can use the contact form or pop over to Facebook. I have to tell you, I love this business! It's fun! It helps me earn an income that gives our family some “fun money” or to pay for those unexpected bills. And I'm part of a team of ladies that are super helpful, we lift each other up and cheer each other on!

Join my Chalk Couture Team HERE

If you enjoyed this and want to know more, I'd like to invite you to sign up for my Newsletter. This is where you get all the up-to-date info on sales, exclusive deals, bundles, and more! You can find me socially over on my Facebook page, follow me on Pinterest and subscribe to my Youtube channel. When you shop from my Chalk Couture site you help support my small business and this site (and I REALLY appreciate your business!).

Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

Some FAQs I get about joining chalk couture

How to start a chalk couture business

To start a Chalk Couture business you will need to sign up on the Chalk Couture page and pay an activation fee and purchase an optional Perks Pack.

How much does it cost to join chalk couture

Currently, it cost as little as $9.99 in the US and $0 in Canada. Canada to join without any additional products.

What comes in a Chalk Couture Starter Kit

You can see the current chalk couture starter kit contents which include several business items as well as 3 various sized transfers, 5 chalk pastes and 2 different surfaces.

How much money can you make selling Chalk Couture

You earn 40% commission on orders you place in your back office and 25% on your designer website. You also earn $20 in product credit for every $200 in personal volume. As you grow a team you earn team commissions as well.

How to get started with chalk couture

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