Halloween Door Tags

Halloween mini door tags

I saw these cute little mini Halloween door tags in a magazine and just knew I had to make a set for myself using my Chalk Couture transfers.

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I purchased these mini wooden tags from craftdealz.com. I really love their products and their service and reasonable shipping are amazing. I also love that I am supporting a small family-owned business.

These tags are the 8″ door tags I believe. You will need 2 of them for this project. I'm going to suggest you go ahead and get 2-4 more because once your friends see how cute they are, they will want one too!

Preparing & Painting the tags

The wooden tags were sanded smooth, including the edges, and painted white. Then using craft paint, I painted a yellow stripe and an orange stripe.

I used masking tape to tape off the sections as I painted so the lines would be crisp. Be sure to peel the tape off after you paint before allowing the paint to dry.

wooden tags painted yellow, orange and white for halloween
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Paint tags white, orange and yellow.

Designing Your Tags

Before you Begin

Before you begin to design your tags, make sure you have all the extra items you'll need for your chalk project to be a success. This will make sure you can complete your project easily and have the tools you need easily accessible.

Create Your Design

Using the Handwritten font from Chalk Couture, I chalked the word “Trick” on one tag. These fonts are really easy to use and the markings on the top are used to help you line up the letters on your project. For more tips & tricks using fonts, be sure to read this post.

On the other tag, chalk the word “treat”. Now, let these dry for a little bit or you can use the quick-dry tool to speed up the process.

Halloween door tags trick or treat
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Halloween Door Tags Trick or Treat

Now, turn your tags over. On the back of the “Trick” tag, paste the word “Out of”. On the back of the “Treat” tag, paste the word “Candy”.

Halloween Door tags back out of candy
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Halloween Door Tags – out of candy

Finishing Your Trick or Treat Tags

To finish your tick or treat tags, simply thread a ribbon or some hemp string between the two tags and tie them in a knot. You want the ribbon long enough to hang over your doorknob on Halloween night to let the little cuties know if you can fill their bag or if your candy supply is gone!

trick or treat Halloween door tag
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Trick or Treat Halloween Door Tag
out of candy Halloween door tag
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Out of Candy Halloween Door Tag

If you are interested in making this idea, I've made it simple to get all the Chalk Couture items you will need to complete this project. Feel free to add items to this cart & check out. (Note, at the time, single paste packets were not available, however search for black paste to see if a single paste pack is available & that will save you some $)

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