A Simple Guide to Decorate a Tiered Tray

Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

Looking for an easy and space-saving way to decorate a tiered tray? These small decor items pack a big punch when it comes to decorating.

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What is a tiered tray

A tiered tray is simply a tray that has 2 or 3 levels to it. Think of a wedding cake – how it has several layers. This is what a tiered tray looks like. And they are a really popular decorating item right now. Don’t believe me? I was at a craft store and a home goods store this week and saw several examples of tiered trays.

If you want to make your own tiered tray, I have all the DIY options. This is the first one I made; it's a 3 tiered wooden tray. This one is a cute white tiered tray from Chalk Couture that was SUPER easy to make!

Why you need a tiered tray

Tiered trays are a great way to store and organize food or use for seasonal decorations. They are perfect for people with limited space or those who have children.

Some of the benefits of tiered trays are that they take up less space, they are easy to clean, and they don't require any extra storage space. You can also use them to store items that you don't want your children to be able to reach as well.

Tiered trays are an affordable way to save a lot of space and create a cute decoration that’s easy to change out each season or holiday.

How to decorate a tiered tray

You can style your tray for the season or holiday of your choice. Use seasonal or holiday-themed items on your tray to complete each layer. Don't put too much on each tier – sometimes less is more.

guide to decorate a tiered tray for fall using greenery and small items
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Let's look at how to decorate a tiered tray layer by layer.

How to decorate the 1st tier

First, you'll want to decide on the theme of your tray. With the theme in mind, choose an odd number of items that will fit on the first layer. Make sure they aren't too tall so they don't fit under the 2nd tier. Choose one statement piece and then add different textures and colors.

Be sure to vary the height and sizes of the items for visual interest. Also, an odd number of items tends to look best.

guide to decorate a tiered tray for christmas using chalk couture items
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Tips for decorating the 2nd and 3rd tier

Consider some of these Ideas like using colorful dishes that go with your theme or holiday. You can also style with flowers or plants – real or faux. These will give some texture to your display also. If you're using your tiered tray for a shower or party, then don't forget you can use it to serve food! Imagine having bowls of appetizers or snacks on one tier and maybe utensils or napkins on another.

Wooden shapes look great on any layer and you can find these anywhere. If you can't find exactly what you want, look at creating a unique piece by picking up some chunky wooden shapes, and painting and chalking what you want on each piece.

I would also use wood bead farmhouse garlands. These are super popular and so easy to make. Of course, if you don't have the time to make one, find one with coordinating colors at your local craft or home decor store.

tiered tray stand

Farmhouse Tiered Tray

Farmhouse decorating is a style of decorating that emphasizes natural materials and textures, often with a rustic or shabby-chic feel. This type of design is perfect for those who love to go for the more natural look in their home.

The farmhouse tray is one of the most popular items used in this style of decoration. The tray is usually made from wood, metal, or ceramic and can be found in many different shapes and sizes. Some have 2 tiers, others have 3 tiers.

It’s usually used to hold seasonal items such as greenery, seasonal items and even fruit for the holidays. It can also be used to showcase mugs for a cozy morning coffee station.

tier tray decor items

5 Ways To Decorate a Tiered Tray For Different Occasions

Decorating a tiered tray can be simple and fun – as well as a little addictive!

You can decorate your tray for each season – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. You can also decorate for any holidays you celebrate. Valentine's Day, St Patricks Day, July 4th or Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanukkah.

Tiered trays can be used at parties as well. Use it to hold coffee cups, creamers, sugars & syrups at a coffee bar. Use it with small dishes to hold chips and nuts. Small dessert cakes or pastries would look great as well.

Keep checking back as you'll find future articles devoted to decorating tiered trays for all these seasons and holidays! I guess you could say I”ve found a decor addiction!

Be sure to check out ALL the Tiered Tray designs and ideas for year-round home decor! There are ideas for Fall, Christmas, Valentine's, Spring, Farmhouse, and even how to style a tiered tray! You'll get so much enjoyment out of one home decor item that you can use all year long. I hope you love it as much as I do!

tiered tray decor sets

To make it simple to decorate a tiered tray, many places sell kits or collections of small pieces that coordinate for a season or holiday. You can find lots of ideas on Etsy as well as a simple google search.

I have enjoyed making several “double duty” items using Chalk Couture surfaces & transfers.

For example, the house cut-out can be decorated in a coordinating or accent color and used across many seasons or holidays.

The button above will take you to a checkout cart that has all of the Chalk Couture shapes and coordinating transfers. Keep in mind these change seasonally. I've included some basic paste colors and a squeegee. Simply remove what you don't want and scoot on over to check out!

Don't forget Club Couture Members, you'll get reduced shipping rates!

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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Be sure to check out ALL the Tiered Tray designs and ideas for year-round home decor! There are ideas for Fall, Christmas, Valentine's, Spring, Farmhouse, and even how to style a tiered tray! You'll get so much enjoyment out of one home decor item that you can use all year long. I hope you love it as much as I do!

How to Style a Tiered Tray

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