A Beginner’s Guide to Glass Etching with Chalk Couture Transfers

Glass Etching with Chalk Couture Transfers

If you are a die-hard crafter like I am, I KNOW you've said these words: “I can make that!” You see a beautiful piece of art and know that you could create that too. Well, I saw a friend who made some cute wine glasses etched with a design. She had used vinyl and her Silhouette.

Then, as the saying goes “I know what I”m going to do today!” I'm going to try glass etching with Chalk Couture transfers and some etching cream!

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Supplies for Glass Etching

You will want to gather the following supplies before you begin your glass etching project:

  1. glass item
  2. etching cream (I used Armour Etch brand)
  3. popsicle stick
  4. latex/disposable gloves
  5. Chalk Couture transfer of choice
  6. small squeegee
  7. paper towel
  8. access to a sink and water
  9. lint-free cloth (towel/washcloth) or a fuzzing cloth
  10. Cotton swab (optional)
glass etching with chalk couture transfer
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Step by Step Instructions

Make sure your glass item is clean. I also like to cover my work area, just to be sure that clean up is easy. You'll also want to make sure you are wearing gloves, so put those on!

Choose your chalk couture transfer and fuzz it really well. By fuzzing, I mean you will want to place it on a lint free cloth like a wash cloth or the fuzzing cloth. I stick it down and peel it up at least 5 times. Since glass is a very smooth surface, you want to make sure your transfer will come off when you are finished, so don't skip this step!

Place your well-fuzzed transfer on your glass. It can be a bit tricky if your glass is curved, so use your squeegee to get out all the creases and air bubbles. If not, your etching cream will seep in and your design will be distorted.

Once your transfer is on your glass, open your etching cream. Use the popsicle stick to stir your etching cream, making sure it's combined. Once it's well stirred, you're ready to apply the etching cream.

I used a multi tool to apply the etching cream over the transfer. I made it a little thicker than I would have for paste. You can dab it on with the popsicle stick or a cotton swab as well if you prefer. Just make SURE you don't get it on the glass around the edges of the transfer. It begins etching, so if you do get it off the transfer, use your paper towel or cotton swab and wipe it off quickly.

Once your etching cream is covering the entire design, just let it sit. I kept my cream on for 30 minutes and was pleased with how it looked. You can play around with the time. Make sure you read the directions of the etching cream you use to see what they recommend as well.

how to etch on glass with chalk couture transfer and etching cream, glass etching with chalk couture
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After the required time, take your piece to the sink and turn on the water. Using a gloved finger, I put the glass under running water and rinsed off the etching cream. I lightly rubbed over the transfer to make sure all the etching cream was removed.

While under running water, I removed the transfer from the glass. I then washed it using these directions and laid it sticky side up on my fuzzing cloth to dry.

I made sure my glass was fully rinsed and dried off and loved how my design came out! My transfer had a small crease, so my design was a little off, but I”m ok with it! I plan to make a whole set of these fun stemless wine glasses for friends (and teachers) as gifts! This is also a fun party to have with friends to introduce them to Chalk Couture.

You can also use chalk couture ink on glass for a different look.

I can help you organize a wine glass party with your friends -either in person or virtually! Contact me to get started!

Final Thoughts on Glass Etching with Chalk Couture

This is an easy project that a beginner can do, just make sure you fuzz your transfer really well. I'd suggest you start with a mini size transfer for your first project and then work up to larger sizes. I love that you can use these transfers for glass etching stencils and for chalk designs too.

glass etched with chalk couture transfer and etching cream, glass etching with chalk couture
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glass etching with chalk couture transfers is easy and festive!

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Can I use Chalk Couture Transfers to Etch on Glass?

You CAN use chalk couture transfers with etching cream to etch designs on glass using Chalk Couture transfers. You'll want to make sure you fuzz your transfer REALLY well so you'll be able to easily remove it. Also, use your squeegee to get out all creases and air bubbles before applying the etching cream.
These step by step instructions are easy to follow along with helpful tips.

How to Etch on Glass using Chalk Couture

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