Farmhouse Style Chalk Couture Tiered Tray

Farmhouse Style Chalk Couture Tiered Tray Project

When it comes to creating farmhouse-inspired decor for your home, Chalk Couture has you covered. The farmhouse style Chalk Couture tiered tray is a great way to add some rustic charm to any room. The tray has two tiers, which give you enough space to show off your items.

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The tiered tray can be left white or it can be personalized by painting it a different color. You can choose to decorate the tray with Chalk Couture paste and transfers or leave it plain.

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your entryway or give your kitchen counter a bit of charm, the farmhouse style Chalk Couture tiered tray is a great way to add some farmhouse-inspired flair to any room.

Tiered Tray Basics

If you want the tiered tray to look like the photo, then use the button at the bottom of the page to order your kit. If you'd rather it look different then use the order button on the project page to order your supplies. The difference is that I've changed the paste colors and used a coordinating paste pack in the kit instead of the colors used in the photo. Obviously, it's your choice how you want your pieces to look, so you have choices. Remember, if you don't NEED your tray to look like the photo, I'd suggest choosing a palette pack of pastes along with a white and 1 or 2 back paste singles (depending on if you want to paint your book stack or not).

farmhouse style chalk couture tiered tray with all the decorations on it
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Farmhouse style chalk couture tiered tray

If you are going to paint your tray like the photo read on. You will want to use the camel paste in a color tray, water it down, and use it to paint the tiered tray. I like to use a handheld mister to water down my paste. I find it easier to apply and can consistently get it to the consistency I want. I just have to remember how many squirts of water I use!

To do this, add some paste to your color tray. Spritz it with water and use the brush from the artist set to paint the tiers. Once the paint has dried, apply your transfer design using white paste.

You'll want to paint the tiers and apply the design before putting the tray together.

If you love the half beads glued to the top, you can get your round half beads here. You'll then glue them to the tops of each circle.

If you love the wooden bead garland, you can make your own as well. I've got a post with a complete tutorial on making wood bead garlands for your tiered tray. It includes directions as well as product links.

Farmhouse Slimcuts

farmhouse slimcuts chalk couture shapes tomake farmhouse chalk couture tiered tray
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The Farmhouse Slimcuts are smallish shapes that can be used on the tiered tray or with a wood bead garland. To use with a garland, you'll need to punch a hole in the shape using a handy punch tool. These shapes are decorated using the From the Farm Cutouts transfer.

If you did not already paint the rolling pin, you'll want to water down some eggshell blue paste to paint it with.

Use eggshell blue paste to decorate the milk jug. Use storm and black paste for the words. You'll use storm paste on the pig and camel on the chicken.

Tiered Tray Essentials

I love these tray essentials. They are tiny and fit perfectly on the tray!

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Tiered Tray Essentials

Let's decorate the tiered tray essential pieces using the Chick Inn transfer. The mini board and base use camel, eggshell, and storm paste. The mini cutting board is chalked with eggshell and white paste. The mini frame uses black and storm paste.

The book stack is painted black using diluted black paste. Once it dries, it is decorated using white paste as well as storm. The rolling pin was painted with watered-down eggshell blue and painted with black paste for the letters.

I love making things EASY, so if you want your tray to look like the photo, I've included all the supplies you'll need to make it look like the photo. If you don't need it to look like that and prefer to use your own colors, then head over to the Project Page to order your Farmhouse Kit. Otherwise, use the button below to order your “as seen in the photo” kit. Please remember that some items are “while supplies last” so if you love this look, you'll want to purchase your kit soon!

So, I'd suggest you create your tray in these steps:

  1. Paint the tiered tray with diluted camel paste using the directions above.
  2. Paint the rolling pin using diluted eggshell blue paste.
  3. Paint the book stack black using diluted black paste.
  4. Put the transfer design on the tiered tray & then assemble
  5. Put transfer design on slimcut pieces
  6. Put transfer designs on tiered tray essentials.
  7. Put all your pieces together and enjoy your farmhouse style chalk couture tiered tray

Be sure to check out ALL the Tiered Tray designs and ideas for year-round home decor! There are ideas for Fall, Christmas, Valentine's, Spring, Farmhouse, and even how to style a tiered tray! You'll get so much enjoyment out of one home decor item that you can use all year long. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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Farmhouse style Chalk Couture Tiered Tray

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Chalk Couture Farmhouse Style Tiered Tray

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