Eat Sleep Beach Repeat Chalk Couture Project

Eat, Sleep, Beach, Repeat Chalk Couture

Summertime is here and that means going to the beach (at least it does if you live fairly close to one!) We are about 4 hours from the beach and try to go every year. Most of the time we go several times a year! I love the beach.

So, when Chalk Couture came out with the Eat, Sleep, Beach, Repeat transfer, I knew I had to have it!

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eat sleep beach repeat transfer from chalk couture
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Eat sleep beach repeat chalk couture transfer

Eat Sleep Beach Repeat Chalk Project

This is a super simple project to create and you should be able to complete it in about half an hour. Make sure you prepare your area before you begin. Be sure to read to the very bottom as there's a special on the kit, but act quickly!

I like to gather all the supplies I will need like a pan of water and my fuzzing cloth. Be sure to gather these extra supplies on hand as well.

I've made it super easy for you to purchase all the supplies you need to make the project. You'll need the items listed below. Simply click on the button below the list and you'll be taken to a cart with all the available items in the cart. This is a popular summertime transfer, so if you like it, I'd act fast!

  • 9×12 Door Tag
  • Eat Sleep Beach Repeat Transfer
  • squeegee
  • Paste colors: choose 4-5 colors (I've listed the colors used below)

Once you have all your supplies, you might be surprised by how simple creating this tag is. You'll follow the directions on the transfer package. Fuzz your transfer and place it on your door tag. Smooth the transfer to make sure there are no creases or bubbles and your transfer is stuck to the surface.

Chalk your design using your chalk paste, peel, and squeal in delight! It looks so good, right?

eat sleep beach repeat chalk couture project on a door tag
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Eat Sleep Beach Repeat Door Tag Project

The chalk paste colors in the cart were ones I chose that closely matched the photo of the design. The chalk colors, in order from bottom to top, are Couture Coral, Lakeshore, Shimmer Harvest, Couture Teal, and Orange Peel.

You will find the chalk colors in the cart are Couture Coral and Teal, Orange Peel, Colonial Blue, and Guava.

Additionally, the picture shows two door tags. If you like this look and want to try it, order a second door tag. This photo uses the bandana transfer as the design for the second tag. To get the layer look to “stay” you can glue the tags together or use some of the hook/tape command strips to hold them in place.

Also, remember to wash your transfer immediately after using it in a water bath. I like to wash mine in the sink and then rinse with clear water. If you'll wash your transfers & take care of them they will decorate about a dozen items!

Additional Transfer Ideas

Don't forget you can also use this transfer to make smaller signs. For example,

  • Use the rectangular simple shapes with this transfer you can chalk individual words.
  • Chalk Sleep for a nursery or bedroom (Air BnB decor?)
  • Eat could go on a small kitchen sign
  • “Beach” for a coastal-inspired bathroom!
  • You could even use the word “eat” and turn it into “Tea” for a coffee station

I'm sure you can think of some other ideas, but this will get your creative juices flowing! See how fun it is to create something so beautiful in such a small amount of time? What else could you make with the eat sleep beach repeat chalk stencil?

One thing to keep in mind is that this surface is not “reusable” like the chalkboards are. This design is meant to stay on your board. Another option would be to put a spring or fall design on the back of the tag. Then your design dollars go farther!

Thanks for reading! If you are reading this and it's July 2022 then you're in for a special treat! This kit is ON SALE at a SPECIAL PRICE of 30% off! Grab your kit today before they're gone…. just like your summertime tan!

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Eat Sleep Beach Repeat Transfer

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