DIY Tiered Tray

DIY Tiered Tray Set

It seems like every store I go into lately has tiered trays. I love the look of these trays, but again, I wanted to make my own. So, I did what every good crafter does. I set out to find my supplies and make my own – just the way I want it!

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So, let me show you how easy it is to make your own tiered tray and decorate it for the fall. Be sure to read more about how to decorate your tiered tray for all seasons and holidays! (coming soon). I also have a really great kit from Chalk Couture that is simple and easy to create as well.

DIY wooden tiered tray

I knew I wanted to make a wooden tiered tray, so I checked out a couple of sites that were easy to use. So, head over to my favorite wood supply site and order the 3 tiered tray set and be sure to pick up 2 of these as well for a completed project.

I really like the warm look of wood, so I decided to make some trays out of wood also. I made these before Chalk Couture launched the tiered tray, and I have to say, it was a lot more work making these than the Chalk one!

Round Wood Tray

I really like this set as they come prepared to paint or stain. You'll also want to get the center piece that goes between the 3 tiers, so I got two wooden candle sticks. I like this size as it gives just enough space between your tray layers.

You can paint or stain the wood any color you'd like. I went with a medium brown stain as I didn't want it too light or too dark. I made one with a white-wash stain that looked really pretty, so if you're looking for a more coastal theme, this would go well. I also painted one with black paint that looked really nice too. It was for a friend who had lots of black in her kitchen and she loved it.

diy tiered tray
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diy tiered tray

Square Wood Tray

An option to round trays or tiers would be square tiers.

I've only seen square trays with 2 tiers, and finding squares was a bit difficult in my opinion. I suggest going with a 12″ square on the bottom and a 10″ square on the top. Remember, you'll want the centerpiece as well. This gives you plenty of room to decorate. Just keep in mind to keep things balanced on the top tier.

Chalk Couture Stencils on DIY Tiered Trays

While plain wood can look really nice, I love to see decorated tiers on trays. You can add some patterns to your tiers by using Chalk Couture stencils to create patterns on each level. You will want to add your stencil after you've painted or stained it. I recommend waxing your surface prior to laying down your stencil, especially if you've painted. It will protect the adhesive on the back of the stencil as well as protect the paint from peeling up when the stencil is lifted.

tiered tray wooden decorated with chalk couture pattern
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Wooden tiered tray pieces decorated with a chalk couture stencil

Once you've finished your tiered tray you'll have a decor piece you can leave out all year long and simply change the decorations for each season and holiday.

DIY Tiered Tray Options

Of course, some of you will say “that's great, but I just don't have the time to make a beautiful tiered tray.” And if you don't – that's ok!

Here are some gorgeous tiered trays that I think you may like!

So, whether you create your own or purchase one already made, you're now ready to decorate your tray. Be sure to read about decorating your DIY tiered tray (coming soon!) for more ideas.

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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diy wooden tiered tray
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DIY tiered tray wood

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