DIY Glitter Tumblers

DIY Glitter Tumbler Cups

You may know from hanging around here that I am obsessed with glitter. I have LOTS of glitter tumblers and cups. I just can't seem to get enough. I have several different sizes and use them for water and coffee.

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I've found a new website that sells different sizes & varieties and love them even more.

But I really wanted to find a way to merge my love for glitter cups and my love for Chalk Couture into one. And I think I have!

If you want to put your favorite Chalk Couture design onto a metal or glittered tumbler, I'm going to show you how easy it is! You simply glitter your cup, put your Chalk Couture design on using paste, seal it, epoxy it and your are ready to go!

Glitter Tumbler Supplies

You'll need a handfull of supplies before you get started. I suggest gathering your supplies so you have everything you need when you are ready to begin!

Here's what you'll need:

I also suggest you take a look at the general Chalking supplies that will be helpful.

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How to Glitter your Tumbler or Cup

There are LOTS of tutorials out there that show how to glitter your tumbler. I especially like the ones from The Steel Magnolia or Jennifer Maker. She's very thorough, though some of the designs are more advanced than you need.

So, quickly I'll explain what I do to glitter my tumbler.

First, I wash it with soap and water and let it dry. Some people sand their tumbler slightly. I have and I have not, so I don't know that it makes that much difference. Then I tape off the inside of the cup. We are going to spray paint it and you don't want spray paint splatters in your cup.

You have a couple of options. You can spray paint it white and use colored glitters over it. I've also seen where you can spray paint it in different colors to create an ombre effect. Consider your time, your budget, and what you may have on hand. I ran out of dark purple spray paint so that's why my cup is in 2 different colors.

spray paint metal cup before putting glitter on the cup.
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Spray paint your tumbler after you have cleaned it

Once your painted cup is dry, it's time to glitter. I put my cup turner rod with the foam insert into my cup so it's easier to turn. I apply the mod podge evenly using a foam brush. Once the cup is evenly coated, you're going to sprinkle glitter all over it, covering it completely. Let it dry. Depending on how your glitter looks you may want to do a second coat of mod podge and glitter.

apply glitter to metal cup and let it dry.
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Apply glitter and let your cup dry.

If you use a second coat, I like to brush my cup to make sure any loose glitter comes off before I put my mod podge on. This is especially important if you are using 2 different glitter colors.

Once this coat is dry, seal it. I use a Rustoleum matte clear spray and spray it really well. Let the cup dry for 24 hours.

Now you are going to apply your first layer of epoxy. Make sure you measure exactly and stir carefully. This will ensure your epoxy will set up correctly and will not have many air bubbles.

glitter cup on a cup turner to apply epoxy
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Place your glitter cup on your cup turner

You'll use the cup turner to turn your cup for 6 hours. Then let it cure for another 6-8 hours. Check your cup for smoothness. If needed, sand the bumpy areas. Next, you'll need to do a second coat of epoxy following the directions above. Turn it again for 6 hours and let it set for 6-8 hours. I hope your cup is looking great!

Using Chalk Couture Paste on a Glitter Tumbler

Now that you have your diy glitter tumbler ready, we are going to decorate it with Chalk Couture paste.

glitter cup ready for chalk couture transfer
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Glitter mug with chalk couture transfers

Choose your transfer or transfers you'd like to use. I put one on the bottom of my cup, so I started with that one.

Be sure to fuzz your transfer and place it on your cup. Apply your paste and peel off. Make sure to clean your transfer when you are finished. Once that design is dry, I applied one design to each side of my cup.

use paste jar to prop up glitter cup to add chalk couture transfers
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I use a pate jar to prop up my handle

This may seem silly, but think about which hand you hold your cup in, especially if your cup has a handle. Then think about which design you want to see as you hold your cup and which design you may want facing out as you hold the cup. I used a summertime design facing out and a quote facing toward me.

chalk couture design on a diy glitter cup
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Chalk Couture transfer on a glitter mug

If you are using a cup without handles, then just try to space your designs evenly around your cup.

Once your chalk designs are how you want them, and they are dry, seal your design with a clear spray. I sprayed mine lightly and did not have any issues. I would not recommend a paint-on sealer as this may cause the paste to run. I let my cup dry for a full 24 hours.

diy glitter cup with chalk couture design
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Now it is time to apply another coat of epoxy to your glitter tumbler. Using the directions for the epoxy, mix your 2 parts, put your cup on your cup turner and apply the epoxy. Let the cup turn on the cup turner for 6 hours and then rest for 8 hours.

diy glitter cup with chalk couture design using mini transfer
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If your cup is smooth to the touch, then you are finished.

If you have any air bubbles that have created bumps, you can sand them with fine sanding sponge or sand paper and apply another coat of epoxy.

You will also want to use sandpaper to sand the edges around the lip if that area is rough. There is a great video from the Steel Magnolia on how to clean up the rim.

DIY Glitter Tumbler Tips

  • When choosing a cup or tumbler, look for one without a design or raised area on the outside. I really like the Steel Magnolia cups for this reason.
  • I've been asked where I got the cup in the photos. It's called the Morning Mug. (the other cup in the photo is a slim klewzie (holds slim cans plus I got a lid so I can drink from it also! It will take me from coffee to cocktails!)
  • Tape off the inside of your cup when you spray paint but remove the tape before you apply the epoxy.
  • If you don't want to glitter all the way to the edge, then tape off the edge, apply your glitter and remove the tape.
  • Once you have applied your epoxy, you can remove bubbles by quickly going over your cup with a heat gun. I've also heard that spraying it with alcohol will also help. I used both methods and only had 1 or 2 spots requiring sanding.
  • Make sure the epoxy you use is food safe.

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