Create a Chalk Couture Welcome Porch Sign

Chalk Couture Welcome Porch Sign

I have always loved porch signs but I've always hated having to store them once the season or holiday was over. So, as you know I love multipurpose things! So I began looking for a seasonal welcome sign with interchangeable pieces that could stay out all year. Thanks to chalk couture, I found it in the chalk couture welcome porch sign transfer!

Chalk Couture Welcome Transfer

So the welcome sign transfer has the word “welcome” as well as a flower design. This design can be used in place of the “o” in welcome. I love it's fresh, fun look. But what I love MORE is the welcome sign add on transfer. Oh my! Here is what I was looking for – a way to have a multi-seasonal porch sign.

chalk couture welcome porch sign transfer and chalk couture welcome porch sign add on transfer
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chalk couture welcome porch sign transfer and add on

The welcome sign add on has six additional designs you can use on your welcome sign. There is a snowflake, heart, clover, egg, star and jack-o-lantern. I think the only thing I would add would be a leaf for the fall. You can also use the watermelon transfer for summertime, though it's not part of the add on.

Note – a NEW Farmhouse Welcome sign was introduced recently. More about this is coming up, so keep reading!

Supplies Needed for Porch Sign Project

You will need to gather all the items that will make your chalk project go smoothly. So, make sure you have your paste, squeegee and a pan with some water in it. You'll put your transfer in the dish once you've used it. These additional items might also be helpful.

How to Prepare a Porch Sign Board

SO many friends have asked about the board I use to make my porch sign. There are a lot of different options, so pick one that works for you.

You can use a 2×8 or a 2×10 board. These usually come in 10 or 12 foot lengths. You can get it cut in half and be ready for 2 signs. You can also use a 1×8 or a 1×10. In my area these boards are more expensive than the 2×8. Make sure you choose untreated wood.

You can also use plywood. Either half-inch or thicker plywood. Again, you'll need it cut into 8 inch or 10 inch strips that are 4-5 feet long.

Now that you have the size wood piece you want, you'll need to prepare the board for paste.

Sanding the Board

I like to lightly sand my boards to smooth the front and the edges so I don't get splinters. I use high-grit sandpaper to finish. You want to make sure your surface is smooth. A smooth surface will ensure that your transfer sticks well to the board and your design looks good when you remove it.

Once I've finished sanding the wood, wipe away all the dust with a rag. Now you have to decide. Do you paint it or stain it?

Staining the Board

I have stained boards with a light-colored stain. I do like a dark stain too. And I have a whitewash stain that is pretty. You can buy stain in small cans, so if you are unsure, test a few colors to see which you like best.

After you stain the board, you'll want to wipe it with a cloth to remove any excess stain. You can put multiple layers of stain on the board if you want the color a little darker. Then, the board needs to dry, typically overnight before you put your transfer on it.

how to stain your board to make a chalk couture welcome sign
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You can also use the stain and seal. This makes sure that the stain, especially if it's a dark stain, doesn't bleed through the chalk paint when your done and putting a seal on the finished piece.

Or Painting the Board

If you are painting your board, you'll still want to sand the board and wipe it clean. Then using a clean paintbrush, paint your board using long even brush strokes.

I use 2 coats of paint unless you are using a paint with primer. Once the paint is dry, I like to wax the paint to make sure that no paint sticks to my transfer, thus ruining the project and the transfer! Make sure you wait 3-4 hours after you wax before you use paste.

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Apply the Transfer and Paste

Once the stain or paint is dry, you are ready to paste your “Welcome” transfer on the board. One quick tip. Cut the Welcome Transfer in half down the center. So with just one cut, you will have “WELC” in one strip and the “OME” in another strip. You can use the transfer like this as the letters are spaced evenly for you. This will save you time from having to measure the spaces in between your letters.

You can choose to put the flower where the “o” goes in the word. You can also choose to leave it blank. If you do this you'll want to leave at least 11″ between the “C” and the “M”. This will give you plenty of space to add the Welcome sign add ons to this space.

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welcome porch sign chalk couture

You can paste the add ons to circles or squares of wood and hang them where the “o” goes. There are several Etsy shops that sell cutouts that fit the transfers perfectly. I ordered mine from this Etsy shop. I like that she includes a leaf which can be used for fall or for Canada Day.

After you've created your beautiful sign, you'll want to be sure you clean your transfers using these tips!

Here is a short video from Chalk Couture showing briefly how they made the sign.

Porch Sign Variations

Of course, the Welcome sign is great as it is. But, I've seen other variations to the chalk couture welcome porch sign too, such as:

Lots of fun options and the sky is the limit. Which one will you choose? Need help deciding? Scoot on over to Facebook and drop me a message & we can talk about what you need to make your own beautiful chalk couture welcome porch sign! Be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter full of specials, bundles and exclusive promotions.

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chalk couture welcome porch sign tips
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NEW Farmhouse Welcome Sign Transfer

The Chalk Couture Welcome Porch Sign was given a cute update recently and you can see the updated Chalk Couture Farmhouse Welcome transfer as well as the Farmhouse Add-on transfer used for the middle decorations. Of course, to make it super easy, I've put together a Farmhouse Welcome Kit which includes the 2 transfers listed above, the shapes they use for the middle and the paste for the welcome part of the sign. I'd suggest you choose a pallet pack for pastes to create the add ons if you don't have any additional pastes.

Also, there are 9 designs on the Add-on transfer. I'd recommend making all of the shapes double-sided, or purchase 2 of the simple shapes and then you'd only need to make 1 shape double-sided.

Watch how simple it is to make.

New Farmhouse Welcome Sign

Come follow me:

Chalk Couture Porch Sign

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