ChalkMade Farmhouse Hello Kit

Chalk Couture Farmhouse Hello Kit

If you are looking for an Easy DIY round sign for your door, look no further than the ChalkMade Farmhouse Hello Kit from Chalk Couture. It's everything you need in one kit!

What is a ChalkMade Kit?

A ChalkMade kit from Chalk Couture is the PERFECT way to create an amazing piece of home decor, without having to make several trips to the craft store. Everything you need, including the tools and decorations are all included in this kit!

This Kit launched in May 2021, however there were some changes made to the kit, which I'll address later.

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What is in the Hello Farmhouse Kit?

So, let's take a peek at what is included in this complete farmhouse hello kit.

Fist you get the following:

  • An exclusive 8×11 Hello transfer
  • A 16″ round board
  • Placement tape
  • A mini squeegee
  • A paintbrush
  • 2 packets of white paste
  • 2 packets of black paste
  • 2 paste trays
  • Ribbon
  • Greenery (no longer included)
Chalk Couture ChalkMade Farmhouse Hello Kit
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ChalkMade Farmhouse Hello Kit

How to Make a Farmhouse Hello Sign

So now that you have everything you need to make your gorgeous sign, I bet you want some easy-to-follow instructions too right? Of course you do!

You can get these instructions in a download pdf, but here they are as well.

  1. Gather all your supplies in your kit. You may want to gather up these extra supplies which I find helpful.
  2. Using your placement tape, measure a 7 inch space in the middle and tape the top and bottom to create a stripe
  3. Using one packet of white paste, knead it gently before cutting it open and put it on one of the paste trays.
  4. Add a small amount of water to the paste and mix in using the paintbrush. You want the consistency to be smooth and a little less thick than the paste.
  5. Using the white, paint the center of your board you have taped off. Paint it on in thin coats, going in the directions of the wood grain (across) and let each coat dry before painting the next coat. It may take 2-3 coats to cover completely. Let it dry completely.
  6. If you want to add the black stripes Leave the existing placement tape on and add a second piece of tape 3/4″ above the tape on the top. Also add a piece 3/4″ below the bottom piece of tape. If you don't want black stripes, skip to step 9.
  7. You will need to wash your paintbrush thoroughly with soap and water and blot out the remaining water. Also wash your paste color tray.
  8. Using your black paste, you will repeat steps 3 & 4 above with one black paste packet. Remember not to thin the paste too much; a spray bottle really helps with this part! Again, paint in the direction of the grain (across) and it may also take 2-3 coats, letting them dry thoroughly between each coat.
  9. Once the paste is dry, remove all the placement tape. Make SURE your stripes are thoroughly dry before moving to the next step! This handy tool is amazing! You will also want to wash your brush and paste color trays since they can be used again.
  10. Now we are going to use the “hello” transfer. Once you remove the transfer from the package, flip it over and mark the backer sheet with a marker.
  11. Peel off the transfer from the backing sheet, pulling from one side, NOT from a corner so you don't stretch it. Put your transfer on a fuzzing cloth or lint-free towel and fuzz it a couple of times (more about fuzzing here!).
  12. Put the transfer in the center of the white stripe and smooth down with your hands to make sure there are no bubbles or gaps.
  13. Gently knead the other black paste packet, open it and put the contents on your color tray. Now use your small squeegee and pick up a small amount of paste.
  14. Starting at the top of the design, spread the paste on evenly over the screen design. Scrape off excess paste and put it back on the tray. Beleive it or not, the more excess paste you remove, the better your design will look. It really only needs a thin coat!
  15. Once your design is completely covered, peel off the transfer from the side, pulling straight across (never on a diagonal!). You will want to immediately clean your transfer using these helpful tips.
  16. Once the transfer has dried, replace the backer sheet, making sure the mark you place on it is facing you so the shiny side is stuck to the transfer.
  17. Now you are ready for the additional decorations! Tie the ribbon in a bow and set aside.
  18. If you would like to add greenery, arrange it how you like it and hot glue it or use E6000 to attach it to the board. Then glue your bow onto the board.
  19. Now, go hang your board where everyone can see what a beautiful sign you made! You're going to LOVE it!

You can download a printable version of these directions also.

Do you prefer a video lesson? Well, here's an easy video to follow the steps in creating your very own Farmhouse Hello Kit

Helpful Hints & Tricks for your Hello Kit

  • Be sure to knead your paste so it works well. A Chalk Couture spray bottle or other spray bottles with distilled water in it is helpful. The Chalk Couture bottle has a continuous spray which I really like.
  • Be sure to read about the other helpful items to have on hand before you begin your project. It makes your project go smoother when you have everything ready, and these are items you should have around your house.
  • A Quick Dry tool is also handy to have if you don't like to wait for the paint to dry! If you don't have one of these quiet tools, a hairdryer will work in a pinch. You want to make SURE your paste is dried between each coat and when you finish. Putting a transfer on paste that is not completely dried will cause the paint to stick to the transfer back. This will ruin your stripe you painted as well as possibly ruin your transfer.
  • Make SURE to wash your transfer immediately after use! Do NOT soak it in water for a long time as this will impact the adhesive on the back. You should be able to use this transfer 10-12 times if you take good care of it! (be sure to read the link posted in the directions about cleaning!)
  • Due to sourcing challenges, the kits no longer contain greenery, so the price was adjusted to reflect that missing piece. But as crafters, we all know where to find some really cute greenery right? Plus, you may want to think about adding greenery to a bow and using it. You could also create seasonal bows, so you can attach the bow using florist wire and then change them out if you want to.
  • An idea I had was to make the sign double sided! You could create the “hello” on one side and create a seasonal design on the other! To me, I would create a patriotic design on the reverse since there are several holidays you could use that design with (Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day…)
  • Want to make your own sign but would prefer to do it workshop-style? Be sure to like my Facebook page (below) to see all my events!

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Design Ideas for your Farmhouse Kit

The Farmhouse kit consists of a 16″ rustic round and the hello transfer is exclusive to the kit, however there is a Welcome transfer that would look lovely! Here are some design ideas!

Chalk Couture Farmhouse Hello Kit

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