Chalkmade Citrus Slice Tray Kit

Chalkmade Citrus Slice Tray Kit

This new Chalkmade kit is SO cute and looks like a lemon (or orange) wedge on a half-circle wood cutout with handles. Such a cute tray and definitely on trend this spring!

Chalkmade Citrus Slice Tray Kit from Chalk Couture

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What is in the Chalkmade Citrus Tray Kit

This super cute Chalkmade Citrus tray is a kit to create a lemon wedge tray. It has everything you need to complete the project, so the ONLY thing you need is this citrus tray kit.

This kit comes with the following items:

  • Chalkmade citrus slice transfer, exclusive to the kit
  • An exclusive half-round, whitewashed board
  • 3 Chalkology paste singles in Bumblee and Sunny Side up
  • Mini squeegee
  • 2Color Trays
  • Handles and screws
citrus slice tray kit items
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How to make the Citrus Tray Kit

Like all Chalk Couture projects, this kit is so simple to make. It should take you about 30 minutes or less to complete this item. So, let's get started.

First, you'll want to gather the extra supplies you will need to help make this project go smoothly. You will also need a Phillips head screwdriver to help with attaching the handles.

Next, open your kits and take all your supplies out. There are detailed instructions included in the kit as well as a link to the video to show you how to make it.

First, remove all the items from the kit and place them on your work surface. Then using your scissors, trim the transfer along the cut lines as shown.

Peel the transfer off the backing sheet and fuzz the transfer using your fuzzing cloth or a lint-free towel. Then, matching the edges of the transfer to the board, place your transfer on the surface and smooth with your hands to ensure there are no bubbles or creases.

Next, take your paste packets and knead them with your fingers. You'll then snip off the corner of the paste packet and squeeze the paste on to a paste tray. I would only open one of the Sunny Side paste packets as you may not need the other.

Now, do the same thing above, kneading the paste packet using the Bumblebee and put it on a color tray.

I like to work right to left (since I'm right-handed; if you are left-handed you may want to start on the left) for this project. Using the Sunny Side paste, apply the paste to the two right citrus wedges. Once you've applied the paste, make sure to scrape off the excess paste and put it back on your color tray.

Once those 2 are covered, use the chalk and pull method. You will lift your transfer halfway up, peeling up the part you just applied the paste to. This ensures that the paste does not dry doesn't eh screen and lifts from your project when you peel it up since it may take a little while longer to finish this project.

Now gently lay the transfer back down and finish applying paste to the other 2 sections. Then using the bumblebee paste, apply it to the “rind” part of the design. Be sure to squeegee off any excess paste. Now gently and evenly peel off the transfer.

Remember you will want to wash your transfer when you are done using this method. Please remember not to let your transfers soak in water for a long time.

Let your project dry. You can speed up the process by using a quick-dry tool. Now you can add one of the sentiments to your tray. You can choose “have a zest for life” or “fresh squeezed”. These can be placed along the outer part

Now that your board is completely dry, you can add the handles. Set the tray up on the edge and put the screws through the holes. Line up the handles and use the Phillips head screwdriver to tighten the screws.

You are now ready to show off your gorgeous tray!

Helpful Tips for your Citrus Tray Kit Project

  • Gather your extra supplies before you begin.
  • A quick dry tool is so important if you are pressed for time. If not, let the project dry then add the quote along the bottom.
  • Keep the tray as dry as possible. Water (condensation from drinking glasses) can destroy the design. So do not put anything wet on your tray.
  • Also, to clean it, wipe it with a dry cloth, not a wet one. Remember, this tray is more for decoration than for food service.
  • You could use this super cute transfer on a rustic round board for a really cute lemon door hanger!

If you love making these kits and want to do more, check out the “kits” section on my website. There are lots of easy kits to create. The try-me kits are great small projects and make great gifts too. Additionally, they change every month, so be sure to check back monthly for the new design.

If you'd love to get new (exclusive) transfers every month, then check out Club Couture. It's a monthly transfer with paste so you can change up for look every month! Find out all the details about Club Couture here.

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Chalk Couture Citrus Tray Kit

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