Chalk Couture Valentines Day Tiered Tray

Chalk Couture Tiered Tray for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and it’s a great time to get creative with your decorations. And, if you've read any of my blog posts recently, you'll know I'm obsessed with tiered trays! I love their versatility and their space-saving design that allows me to display quite a few items in a small vertical space. It's time to decorate our chalk couture valentines day tiered tray!

If you already have a tiered tray, it will be easy to transition your Chalk Couture tiered tray from Christmas decor to Valentines Day since both holidays use the color red. Don't worry if you don't have a tiered tray though! I'll show you step-by-step how to create a beautiful and unique Valentine’s Day décor piece as well.

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Valentines Tiered Tray Supplies

If you already have a tiered tray, you may want to skip down in the post to read about how to convert your Christmas tiered tray to a Valentines day tiered tray.

So let's talk about what you'll need to create a Valentine's Day tiered tray using Chalk Couture supplies.

If you don't already have a tiered tray, you'll need one. This one is really affordable and can be used all year. You can choose to add the seasonal design to the bottom of the trays or leave them plain.

If you do not have a tiered tray, you'll want to pick up this kit. Simply click the button and it will have all the items you need to create a Chalk Couture Valentines Day tiered tray.

If you already have a tiered tray and just need to grab the seasonal valentines day pieces to transition your tray, you'll want to choose this kit. It includes the tiered tray essentials, the slim cuts, and some coordinating paste colors. I include a squeegee in all my kits, so if you don't need one, it's easy to remove items. And it's also easy to add items (like the bird cutouts!)

Decorating the Chalk Couture Valentines Day Tiered Tray

So, once you have your supplies, you'll want to be sure you gather your additional supplies before you start.

If you have a new tiered tray, you'll want to chalk it before you put it together.

Next, let's design the slim cuts. Using your pink or red pastes, you'll decorate the arrow, the heart and the love. If this is your first chalk project, be sure to read this.

Your tiered tray essentials and the coordinating transfer give you LOTS of options. You can follow the photo below or you can use your favorite design on the pieces to give your tray a unique look that you love.

Chalk Couture Valentines Day Tiered Tray decorations
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Chalk Couture Valentines Day tiered tray using the tiered tray and valentines cutouts.

After you've finished decorating your tiered tray essentials and your slim cuts, you'll want to be sure to clean your transfers. Here is some easy step by step instructions for cleaning your transfers.

How to Use your Christmas Tiered Tray for Valentines Day

So, let's talk about how to transition your chalk couture tiered tray from Christmas to Valentine's Day. Start by replacing the Christmas Tray Shapes with Valentine's Slim Cuts. I love the heart and arrow designs.

You can even pick up the bird cutouts and paint them pink or red & use them as well. I love to chalk both sides of the shape if possible using different colors so your decor can spread through several seasons or holidays.

You can also incorporate pinks, reds, and whites into your tray, either by using Chalkology Paste in those colors or by adding accessories such as ribbons, flowers, or small figurines. I also love gnomes, so I'll be looking for some small gnomes to add to my tray.

Finally, consider adding some additional Valentine's Day decorations such as candy hearts, or a small bouquet of mini roses. I also love the farmhouse wooden bead strands. You could make one alternating pink, white, red, and natural beads. Adding a heart to the end of it would be cute too.

With these easy steps, you can quickly and easily transition your chalk couture tiered tray from Christmas to Valentine's Day.

Styling your Chalk Couture Valentines Day Tiered Tray

So we've talked about color – using traditional reds, pinks, and white. Throwing in some mint green or soft blue will work as well (think candy heart colors!). I like to find small wooden hearts, and paint them candy heart colors to use as additional decorations. Some small wooden lips, some chunky lovebird cutouts or a heart with an arrow would be cute also.

Farmhouse beads are another great element to give your tray some flow. Think of having one end hang down from the top shelf toward the bottom shelf to lead your eye from the top down. Wood bead garlands are easy to make following the directions in this post. I like the wood bead options from this company and they even have beads already colored, saving you some time.

The X and O cutouts would look really cute added to your tiered tray piece. You could use the stands to sit them around your tray if there's not enough room.

Adding small wood frames with some “non valentiens” sayings also works. You could use the small 3×3 frames and then decorate with these cute Minis. Keep in mind, Chalk Couture changes it's designs frequently, so if these are unavailable just search “mini” on my chalk site to find the latest designs.

I like to go to discount stores, dollar stores and craft stores to see what other cute holiday items I can add. Gnomes are my favorite, so even a small wood gnome or fairy would fit. Think of small greenery pieces to give it some texture. A small glass votive filled with glass filler beads or even candies like conversation hearts or red hots.

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas for decorating for Valentines Day. Keep a look out for the next style change for your tiered tray – spring and Easter! I can't wait! Until then…

Be sure to check out ALL the Tiered Tray designs and ideas for year-round home decor! There are ideas for Fall, Christmas, Valentine's, Spring, Farmhouse, and even how to style a tiered tray! You'll get so much enjoyment out of one home decor item that you can use all year long. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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chalk couture valentines day tiered tray using chalk couture supplies
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chalk couture valentines day tiered tray

Valentine's Day Tiered Tray Chalk Couture

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