Chalk Couture Tiered Tray

Chalk Couture Tiered Tray

If you have been in any home goods stores recently you have probably seen quite a few different tiered trays. I love the decor pieces for their varied functionality – but mostly because of ALL the different types of tiered trays there are.

I purchased wood and made my own 3-tiered wooden tray, which I show you how to make and then Chalk Couture decided to launch their very own tiered tray! I love how easy it is (and all the pieces and parts are together!) and how pretty it looks. And, it was ready to assemble – no painting or staining! Not to mention how many different ways it can be decorated!

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Chalk Couture Tiered Tray Project

So, if you've been hanging around here long, you know I LOVE to put together project kits so that your craft time can be spent quickly creating beautiful signs, and decor items instead of searching for pieces and parts to make your project come together.

So, simply click on the button below and you will be taken to my Chalk Couture shop to check out. Everything you need will be in your cart (fingers crossed that it's all in stock!). Simply check out and then wait for that beautiful box to arrive on your doorstep!

Once your supplies arrive, rip open that box & let's get started! You'll want to be sure to gather some extra items you'll need so your project goes smoothly.

Tiered Tray

The great thing about Chalk Couture is they make it SO easy! If you want to decorate the tiers of the tray using the autumn tiered tray patterns, chalk them before putting the set together. You can use any color paste – you may want to do black so it can be used all year long and won't clash with any other seasonal colors. I'm going to assume that the tray tiers are NOT re-chalkable, (its my new word for one time design!) so it's up to you.

Assemble the pieces of the chalk couture tiered tray. Set it next to you so you can admire it. Now let's chalk your decorations.

Tiered Tray Decor Sets

The tiered tray essentials include 6 pieces that are small and fit perfectly on your trays. You can pick your favorite designs from the autumn tiered tray transfer to decorate all the pieces.

chalk couture tiered tray essentials decorations
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The autumn tiered tray cut outs along with the matching transfer make decorating these cute fall shapes a breeze. The Fall Festival Chalk pallette gives you lots of fall colors to choose from, so make it your own!

chalk couture tiered tray shapes
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Tiered Tray Decorations

Your tiered tray is almost ready. You'll want to add some additional items to your tray to make it look great. I small plant or some greenery will add some texture. Some small faux leaves or silk flowers would also look great. If you have a clean, dry pinecone that would give it some good texture as well. Be sure to read how to style a tiered tray.

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How to make Chalk Couture Tiered Tray and tiered tray essentials and cutouts.

Be sure to check out ALL the Tiered Tray designs and ideas for year-round home decor! There are ideas for Fall, Christmas, Valentine's, Spring, Farmhouse, and even how to style a tiered tray! You'll get so much enjoyment out of one home decor item that you can use all year long. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Tiered Tray Chalk Couture

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