Chalk Couture Paste Storage Ideas for an Organized Craft Room

Chalk Couture Paste Storage

Chalk Couture's Chalkology Paste is the perfect way to create unique and eye-catching designs on chalkboards or wooden surfaces. Whether you're using it to add a splash of color to a wood sign, a wall mural, or a t-shirt, this paste can create stunning results. But when it's time to put away your supplies, finding a secure and organized way to store your Chalkology Paste can be a challenge.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best Chalk Couture Paste Storage Ideas. We'll discuss various options for keeping your supply of Chalkology Paste safe and organized, so you can enjoy quick and easy access to your supplies whenever you need them. So if you're looking for a way to make sure your Chalkology Paste is always at the ready, read on to learn some of the best storage solutions for your Chalk Couture pastes and inks.

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How Do You Store Chalk Couture Paste

So, let's start with the basics. Chalkology Paste loves to be stored in a comfortable environment, just like you. So a room on the cool side with no extreme temperatures is best. Chalk Paste does not like to be cold so avoid any place where your chalk paste could freeze.

Another important tip is to clean the rim of your paste jar after using it. So, once you've finished your chalk design and you are ready to close your paste, scrape away any excess paste with a squeegee or a stir stick. Then wipe the edge of the jar with a paper towel. This will allow the jar to close nicely and keep your paste jar airtight.

So, now that your jars are clean and ready to store, let's talk about where to put them.

chalk couture paste storage ideas blog post
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Where to Store Chalk Paste

So, some key point to think about when discussing where to store your chalk paste is also how the jars will sit. Jars should be stored upright in a cool dry place. Make sure your lids are securely on the jar and jars should be closed after use to prevent the paste from drying out.

Once your jars are clean, there are several places you can store your pate. I'll list a few options and then give you my 2 favorite picks at the end!

Chalk Paste Storage Ideas

  • Chalk Couture Color Case – a small sturdy bag that holds paste
  • A Craft Caddy – something like a small plastic bin
  • A decorative basket so it looks pretty when stored away on a shelf
  • A small wooden crate from a craft store to stack your jars inside
  • A multi-tiered craft cart would work to hold jars of paste along with other chalk supplies
  • Repurpose a shallow drawer or a drawer in your craft table
  • Incorporate a shelf on a peg board
  • Invest in a craft storage shelf sized perfectly to fit your paste jars

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about what might work in your craft space. If you have a small space, a case or a rolling cart might be the best option. You could leave the cart out or roll it into a closet when not in use.

A drawer is a great place to store paste. It's tucked away so your space looks neat and tidy. You may want to line the drawer with shelf paper or adhesive liner. This way it would be easy to wipe down and can be changed out when it gets too messy. However, a drawer doesn't allow you easy access to see the colors. If you use a drawer, you might consider making labels or writing the color on the jar lid.

I keep some of my pastes in a drawer. My “drawer” isn't really ideal, but I've made it work. I have refinished an old library card catalog and turned it into a “craft caddy”. It's drawer size is not ideal but I love this piece and wouldn't part with it for anything!

chalk paste storage option to store in a drawer of an old card catalog
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how to store chalk paste

I am ALL about repurposing items but I'm also about functionality. If I can buy a piece that WORKS well, then it's worth the investment. I love to find craft organization pieces that fit a purpose. Like shelves that fit scrapbook paper and shelves that hold chalk paste or glitter! These shelves come in a few different sizes and can sit on a counter or be hung on a wall.

I would encourage you to think about what would work best for you. An organized craft room means you have more time to craft and less time to look for your supplies!

My Top Recommendations for Paste Storage

If you don't have a lot of paste jars, I'd recommend the Chalk Couture Color Case. This case can hold 18 jars of paste and can be tucked in a cabinet, or drawer, or sit on top of your craft table. It's in a neutral color so it will go with all decor colors!

chalk case to store chalk couture pastes
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Chalk Case for Chalk Couture paste storage

If you have a large paste collection, then I recommend this amazing paste storage shelf. It comes in a couple of different sizes and you can get it painted or not. You could even paint it yourself to match your room. I love that the cubbies are large enough for your jars and you can see all the beautiful colors at a glance. It uses vertical space, so it saves on the countertop or desk space too. I'll give an in-depth review of these shelves in a future post, so stay tuned.

chalk couture paste storage shelf
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Chalk Couture Paste Storage Shelf

Ok…. hold the phone! I JUST saw this new jar carousel! Are you kidding me? What a crafter's dream! This carousel has a turn table bottom so you can have easy access to all your paste colors with a simple spin. But wait…. there's more!

The carousel has a modular design. This means you can change up the sections to hold different-sized jars. Of course, paste jars are all the same but maybe you have some small glitter or embellishments. So you can customize different sections for different-sized jars! And, if your craft furniture is from Ikea, they have a size that fits into the Kallax cube.

So, if you decide to get the carousel, you'll want the large size to fit your pastes. And I really love the option to put a caddy on top to hold your tools too!

chalk couture paste storage jar carousel
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jar-carousel for paste storage

In conclusion, Chalk Couture paste storage is all about keeping your crafting supplies organized and accessible. With a variety of storage options available, you can find the perfect solution for your crafting space. Whether you prefer a case, a drawer, a wall-mounted shelf, or a carousel, you can easily create a personalized storage solution that works for you. By using these clever storage ideas, you will be able to take advantage of your limited space and enjoy crafting instead of looking for supplies.

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Chalk Couture Paste Storage Ideas

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