Whats a Chalk Couture Fuzzing Cloth

What's a fuzzing cloth

A fuzzing cloth is a unique 2-sided cloth sold by Chalk Couture. You use it when you are creating beautiful chalk art and are using the chalk transfers.

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To create with chalk couture, you need 3 things. A surface to chalk on, some paste or ink to chalk with and a chalk transfer. The transfer is your design. It helps you to look like a rock star who created a fabulous looking piece in no time at all.

To create any chalk art, you prepare your surface. There are countless surfaces you can use, but most use chalkboard surfaces or fabric. Glass, wood and most solid surfaces work best. You can even use paper.

Once your surface is prepared and ready it's time to put your transfer down. You will peel it off the backing. Here's where your fuzzing cloth makes its appearance.

Do I need a chalk couture fuzzing cloth

Yes. You need a fuzzing cloth. You will place your transfer down on the terry side of the fuzzing cloth and smooth it with your hands. This process removes some of the stickiness from your transfer. You want it to stick to your surface, but not so well that it's difficult to remove.

If you are using a larger transfer you will peel the backing off the transfer and place the chalk couture fuzzing cloth on the back of the transfer and peeling it up several times.

So, by “fuzzing” the transfer, you are removing some of the sticky so it's easier to remove. But don't worry. This doesn't make your transfer any less useful. You should be able to get 8-10 uses from it if you take good care of it.

The texture of your surface will determine the life of your transfer. If you have a course surface like burlap or paper, your transfer will pick up the fibers from these surfaces & it will be hard to remove all of it and could impact the stickiness of your transfer.

Likewise, surfaces like glass that are slick will require you to fuzz your transfer a little better. Perhaps placing it on the fuzzing cloth, peeling it up (from an edge & pulling evenly. Do NOT pull from a corner diagonally. You could stretch the transfer.) and placing it down again. Smoothing it with your hands and peeling it up.

Once you've fuzzed our transfer, place it on your surface and chalk away!

chalk couture fuzzing cloth
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Fuzzing cloth options

You don't have to buy a fuzzing cloth from Chalk Couture, but it makes things so much easier.

The fuzzing cloth is double-sided. There's a terry cloth side, used for fuzzing transfers. The other side is a micro-fiber cloth used to help dry your transfers after you've cleaned them. I like the fact it's double-sided and I have one thing that can do 2 jobs!

If you don't have a fuzzing cloth, you can use an old hand towel to fuzz your transfers. Just make sure it's clean and glitter-free.

You can also use any microfiber cloth you have (as long as it's not from the husband's garage!) to use for drying your transfers. You lay the transfer down on the microfiber cloth, sticky side up to dry before replacing the backing. Be sure to read how to clean your transfers.

I've also used a dish drying mat that's made with microfiber to dry my transfers on as well. You can find these at most discount big box stores.

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So now you know what a “fuzzing cloth” is and if you need one or not. I do like the fact it can do 2 jobs. It's very reasonably priced, so you'd probably spend less on a fuzzing cloth than buying new items. However, it only comes in one color. But it is pretty.

If you're interested in ordering your very own fuzzing cloth, it's easy to do. Just click over to my Chalk Couture Site or use the button below. The button below will automatically add it to your cart, along with a couple other “necessary” accessories I'd recommend you have. If you don't want or need them, simply remove them from the cart & check out. You can add items to the cart to (saves on shipping!)

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What is a chalk couture fuzzing cloth

A fuzzing cloth is a double sided tool that allows you to remove some of the sticky on the transfer (so you can remove it after use) and the other side is used as a drying mat after you wash your transfer. You can find more tips and info about fuzing cloths here.

Chalk Couture Fuzzing Cloths

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