Chalk Couture Birthday Cake Project

Chalk Couture Birthday Cake Transfer

Do you know anyone who has a birthday this year? Of course, you do! Why not celebrate with the calorie-free gorgeous cake?

This birthday cake design project will be quick and easy to make so you are party ready in just a small amount of time.

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brithday cake transfer

The birthday cake transfer is an E size transfer. It is the largest size Chalk Couture makes but it is easy to use because this design is one that is cut apart. The Birthday cake stencil has several different parts to it so you can make a birthday, congratulations or just a festive cake!

How to Make a Chalk Birthday Cake

You'll cut the birthday cake transfer apart along the white lines and use the pieces you need. I used the cake, the sparklers for the top, and the Congrats banner. My cake was used for a graduation party. Now I can't wait to change it up for the next birthday!

Be sure to gather all your supplies before you begin your chalk project. Remove your transfer from the package and let's get started!

Be sure to label the transfer backing sheets after you've cut them apart so you know which backer goes on which design.

I like to chalk larger pieces from the bottom and work up. The larger pieces will also need to be ‘peeled' up and replaced by sections so the paste doesn't dry on the stencil and pull up when you remove the transfer.

You'll notice in the video I do one section, then peel it up, replace it and work on the next section.

Once you are finished with the entire cake, peel the transfer off and wash it immediately.

I use the quick dry tool to make sure the design is dry before placing the next design layer down. I'll also use the transfer backing sheet under the transfer to keep it from sticking to the chalk paste area and peeling up the fresh chalk paint. It's a great tip to keep in mind when you are in a hurry.

I didn't have time but you could also add the stars around the outside of the cake.

chalk couture birthday cake project using chalk paste and stencil
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Chalk couture birthday cake

UPDATED 2023! Chalk Couture just introduced Chalkable Chips Birthday Cake that can be used with the Chalk transfer to create a “dimensional” cake. Read on to see the updated information.

Project Supplies Needed

To make it easy, I've included all the items I used to make this cute chalk couture birthday cake project in one link. So, simply go to the Birthday Cake Project and it should have every tool I used to make this great-looking chalkboard project.

  • Large chalkboard at least 12×18, ideally 18×24 inches
  • Birthday cake transfer
  • squeegees – I like to use one for each paste color
  • Paste in a selection of colors, depending on your celebration
  • UPDATED: Birthday Cake Chalkable Chips

If you can get the Aiden 18×24 board, that would be the best. It's a magnetic board so you could add numbers to it or additional designs on chalkable chips & magnets. Mine is made on an Odette board, however I think they are no longer available. You can check out the latest boards here.

You could also put this on a large banner and use inks instead of paste!

I love this birthday cake stencil as it has so many options!

I realize there is no sound to the video.; I”m looking into the problem.

Cake Options

The beauty of this transfer is that it doesn't have to JUST be for birthdays. I created this one specifically for a graduation party. You can also use it for:

  • Weddings
  • Retirement Party
  • Going Away Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Baby Shower
  • Wedding Shower
  • Graduation
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • End of School Year Party

I think you get the idea! You could use this cake design for a festive decoration anywhere you'd serve cake! And you could match the colors to your party theme. Then change it up for the next party!

chalk couture birthday cake transfer and chalkboard and paste to use for birthday cake project
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chalk couture birthday cake project

So, I know you are just dying t make your very own chalk couture birthday cake sign right? Well, lucky for you, I know JUST the place to get it all! And I've made it super easy. Just click the button below to add all the items to your cart. You can edit the cart, remove any items you don't think you need, or add different paste colors.

This kit also includes the Birthday Cake Chalkable Chips. Be sure to add magnets to use the Aiden board since it's magnetic.

I chose a paste pallette pack in bright colors. Be sure to check out the other paste palette packs as this is an easy and affordable way to change up your cake look & colors.

I had a friend make one using the shimmer pastes and it was gorgeous. Of course, I forgot to take a photo of it, so be sure to check out some of the shimmer pastes too. The rose gold would be smashing.

Birthday Cake Chalkable Chips

In February of 2023 Chalk Couture launched a new Chalkable Chip in the shape of the Birthday Cake transfer. So you can essentially decorate your cake on dimensional chalkable chips. You could get 2 sets and do one set for feminine colors and one for more masculine. You could also do them in each family member's favorite color.

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Chalkable Chips Birthday Cake used on an Aiden Frame.

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Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

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Birthday Cake Chalk Stencil

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