Best Chalk Couture Beginner Kit

Chalk Couture Beginner Kit

Have you heard of Chalk Couture and wanted to give it a try but just didn't know what to do or where to begin?

What if there was a Chalk Couture beginner kit that had everything you needed to create a project? Perfect, right? Well, the answer is a Chalk Couture Try Me Kit!

What is a Try Me Kit

A Try Me kit will include the following items:

  • An “A” Size Surface (approximately 5×7 size)
  • An “A” Size Transfer
  • A mini squeegee
  • Two Paste Singles

Now, there are a couple of things that are great about these kits. First, you get a mini squeegee and 2 paste singles. These are normally sold in sets, not individually, so this is awesome! It's also a cost savings of about 20%.

There are typically 4-6 different kits available depending on the season.

How to get a Try Me Kit

Try Me Kits are only sold on Designer's websites. Want to see what they look like? Check out these chalk couture beginner kits! They are listed under “shop” and Kits.

chalk couture beginner kit includes chalk couture surface and all you need to make your first chalk project.
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Chalk Couture Beginner Kit or Try Me Kit from Chalk Couture

Pick your favorite one – or two and they will be shipped directly to your door! Why not get an extra one for your best friend? Or for a gift (even if it's a gift for yourself!)

Beginner Kit Tips

A couple of things to remember about the kits. There are no substitutions. They come with the surface, transfer and paste colors shown. (I know, you like to customize, but this is not the time!)

Since you are JUST getting started, this kit is the perfect way to get your feet wet. Chalking can become addictive!

new chalk couture try me kits
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So that you are not disappointed after you've completed your project (because it was SO fun and now what?), I'm going to suggest you pick up another A size transfer to add to your order. Why? Well, you'll probably have enough paste leftover and some of the surfaces will allow you to paste on the backside as well.

The Board & Base is my favorite! I love that the board can be displayed either vertical or horizontal. I've also seen people paint on the back of the box frame and chalk on it.

Also, these kits are sent via flat rate shipping, so adding another transfer will only add to your craft-joy without adding more to your shipping cost. A few of my favorite A size transfers are:

chalk couture try me kit for beginners
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Chalk Couture Try Me Kit

Beginner Kit Options

Starting in July 2021 you will be able to purchase a customized Try Me Kit! Say what? Yes, now you have options!

Before now you were stuck with the options chosen by Chalk Couture. Now you can make your OWN Beginner kit using a surface, transfer, and a paste single or two that you like!

For example, I've put together a great beginner kit here. Use this link to add the board & base, a small squeegee, and 2 paste packets to your cart. Want a different surface? Click on surfaces & choose your piece. Want a different design? Click on transfers, scroll down and put a checkmark beside the “A” size and choose your design. You can change out your paste colors also.

Again – you may want to choose 2 transfers to do a design on each side of your board.

Then you simply remove what you don't want, and order it so it ships right to you! Want some help? Reach out to me on Facebook and I'll help you out!

Club Couture

I'm just going to mention Club Couture really quick. Club Couture is a monthly craft subscription that Chalk Couture offers. You can read more about it. Being part of Club Couture has it's perks. Not only do you get a B size transfer (along with paste) mailed to you but you get exclusive access to special discounts throughout the year.

Club Couture is really worth checking out if you find your love chalking. Of course, if you REALLY love it, then you may want to sign up to be a Designer. Designership details are here.

Chalk Couture for Beginners – Party Anyone?

I totally LOVE these new chalk couture beginner kits / try-me kits. I think you will find it to be an easy and simple project to complete.

But wouldn't it be WAY more fun to complete them with a group of friends? Absolutely! But with all this virus stuff and everyone staying home, it makes it hard to have a party right? Well, what about an online party? I'm hosting monthly online chalking parties, so, order your kit and join us!

You can find my calendar of events on my Facebook page.

If you'd like to host your own party, Use the button below to contact me.

If you enjoyed this and want to know more, I'd like to invite you to sign up for my Newsletter. This is where you get all the up-to-date info on sales, exclusive deals, bundles, and more! You can find me socially over on my Facebook page, follow me on Pinterest and subscribe to my Youtube channel. When you shop from my Chalk Couture site you help support my small business and this site (and I REALLY appreciate your business!).

Be sure to check out these amazing project kits!

beginner kit chalk couture
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Beginners Guide to Chalk Couture

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