3 Ring Binder Organization for Small Transfers

Binder Organization

I love the 3 ring binder method for organizing small (size A & B) size transfers from Chalk Couture. I had stored them in clear envelopes and that worked for a while but once they were filled, it made it difficult to see which transfers I had. So, you will find some great tips for binder organization that will keep your transfers neat, organized and ready to use.

Size Matters

If you don't plan to store a lot of this size then a 1-2 inch notebook might work. I wouldn't go larger than a 2 1/2 or 3 inch binder. It just gets heavy & out of control.

You can look for binders at a thrift store (so long as they are clean and in good condition) or a discount store. I also find them at warehouse stores in bundles. I do hate to admit it but my favorite binders are from office supply stores. They come in a variety of colors and designs and are just pretty! But don't get me wrong, a good sturdy binder that I can slide a printable cover in is fantastic!

It's What is Inside that Counts

Depending on the number of transfers you have you'll want to get:

  • Sturdy 3-ring notebook (I like the slanted rings as they don't catch as much)
  • Clear page protectors. Medium weight should be fine
  • Set of tab dividers (optional)
  • Printable Index
  • Printable Binder Cover & Spine
binder organization for chalk couture transfers
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Put it Together

So think about how YOU organize. What makes sense to you? Do you think annually – start with January and work through December. Perhaps organize by holidays. You could organize by season – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Do you think alphabetically? Then put your transfers in ABC order. However you think is the best way to organize your transfers.

I put each transfer in a page protector along with the package it comes in. For the Size B transfers, I remove the package and then cut out the label and put the label in the sleeve so I know what the transfer is. It also helps to know where to return the transfer once I've used it, cleaned it and it's dry.

printable notebook covers
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Binder organization made pretty!

Some C size transfers are cut into pieces and will also fit into a page protector. Again, cutting out the label on the package will insure all the pieces make it back to the right spot.

And another tip for transfers with multiple pieces: be sure to write the name of the transfer on the backing sheet. This ensures it stays together with the other parts of the transfer. It also helps make sure when you put the backer back on after using and cleaning your transfer that you put it on the right side.

You can use the tabs to divide out your chosen categories and label them so it's easier to find what you are looking for.

I like to include an index of my transfers in the front of my binder. Again, so I don't waste time looking for what I need. This printable index can be found on my Printables page along with a collection of really cute binder covers.

transfers stored in 3 ring binder organization system
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Speaking of binder covers, I love them! They really dress up my plain binder and look so nice lined up on my craft shelf! You'll find a whole host of designs on my Printable page and if you can't find what you're looking for, drop me a note and let me know of any designs you'd like to see me create.

If you haven't read all about organizing your chalk couture transfers you'll want to read this ultimate guide to storing your transfers.

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Final Thoughts on Binder organization

Storing chalk couture transfers in a binder can make it easy for you to find your transfers as well as store them away neatly. By adding an index, binder covers and tabs you can make your binder be beautiful and functional.

notebook covers and spine for chalk transfer organization, printable
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A 3 ring binder and some printed covers and your binder organizer is ready for transfers

I hope you enjoyed these tips on binder organization. You can find more tips, ideas and promotions on my Facebook page. I'm also an avid Pinterest user, so be sure to check out my pins (don't forget to pin this to your favorite craft board!)! Now, go check out my printables page with all the pretty binder covers, spines and index designs. Need more transfers to put in your pretty binder? I can help! I would love for you to support my Chalk business!

How to store transfers in a binder

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