The Ultimate Guide to Chalk Couture Paste (Tips & Tricks)

What is Chalk Couture Chalkology Paste

Hey there! I'm glad you've found my DIY blog, and are interested in Chalk Couture paste! So, I'll give you the rundown on what it is, how to use it, and some tips and tricks to make the most of your investment.

Chalk couture chalkology paste is unique and only sold by Chalk Couture Designers. What makes this paste special (well, at least to me) is that it is washable! Yep! It will completely wash off your Chalk Couture surface with no ghosting (chalk smudges)!

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chalk couture paste and what to do if chalk paste dried out
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chalk couture paste

Chalk Couture chalk paste comes in a whole rainbow of colors. Over 40 colors I think. They introduce new colors and retire others, but know you have lots of choices! And don't forget you can also mix chalk pastes to get a perfect color as well!

How do I use my Chalk Paste

Chalk paste can be used on SO many different surfaces. You can use chalk paint not only on chalkboards but on wood, metal, glass, canvas, burlap, paper, mirrors, and more. Just keep in mind that some surfaces like paper and burlap are going to pick up some of the fibers from the surface and can possibly reduce the number of transfer uses.

Additionally, slick surfaces like metal, mirrors, and glass will hold your transfer really well. Sometimes TOO well, so be sure to give it an extra trip to the fuzzing mat just to be on the safe side. If you aren't sure what I mean about “fuzzing”, you'll want to read all about chalk couture fuzzing to learn more.

How to prepare your Chalk Paste

When you first open your paste jar, you'll want to carefully peel back the liner. I like to scrape excess paint back into the jar (I'm frugal like that!). Then using the multi tool, stir your paste. You will hear it “snap” and “pop” as you stir (kinda like rice crisp cereal does in milk!). This is normal.

You want to stir your chalk paste until it has the consistency of yogurt. If it is WAY too thick, keep reading…..

chalk couture paste and how to use chalk paste
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What if the Chalk Couture paste dried out

So, if your chalk couture paste gets dry and looks a little like chunky, spoiled yogurt, or cottage cheese, here's what you can do! Use a mister bottle filled with water (preferably distilled) and spray the top of the paste 3 or 4 times and then stir using your multi-tool or stir stick.

You can use the chalk couture spray bottle, which I love (especially for cleaning off designs to redecorate). A small travel-size spray also bottle works well.

If it's still too thick, spray it 2-3 more times and stir. Repeat this process until the paste is how you like it. This may take several times to get your paste perfect, but it will mean your finished design looks great.

How to fix dried out chalk paste

If you open the jar and the paste looks “solid” and you are thinking you should just throw it away – don't! Here's a little trick I found that works amazingly! You'll need a little bit of hot water, a multi-tool, and your jar of paste. This video will explain it all!

Easily fix chalk couture paste that has dried out

If your paste JUST won't work, you can always use it to “paint” with. I use a baby wipe and my dried chalk paste to paint backgrounds with. It might not work great with my stencils but it sure will make a pretty background!

If it's wintertime when you get your paste and you're afraid it's frozen, that's ok. Bring it inside where it's warm. Allow it to warm up and then make sure you stir it well by using the directions above.

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How long does chalk couture paste last

It really depends on how many projects you make! If you're like most ladies you may find your chalk hobby becomes an obsession and you want to chalk on everything!

I've personally used the same design on a sign, again on a lumbar pillow, and across the wall above a bed.

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Just keep in mind an opened jar of chalk paste has about a 6-month shelf life, so make sure you are creating lots and lots of beautiful items with your chalk paste. An unopened jar of chalk couture paste has about a one-year shelf life. I will honestly tell you though, it took me about a year to use up my first jar of paste. With proper care, it should last.

One final tip that's worth mentioning. When you are finished with your project, wipe the rim of the jar to clean it, and using your mister bottle, mist the top of your paint a couple of times. Then replace the lid. This makes sure the lid seals well and gives the paste a little extra moisture while it waits for you to decide on your next project. Chalk paste HAS changed, so keep reading for more info.

So, just keep creating pretty things with all that chalk paste!

 where to store chalk paste from chalk couture in a cute bag
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Store chalk paste in this cute Paste Storage bag!

How do I store my Chalk Paste

Chalk pastes are best stored with their lids tightly secured (I know, obviously!) and I prefer to store them upright. It doesn't matter if you store them in a drawer, cabinet, or box. It's whatever your craft room will accommodate. I store mine in an old card catalog that my husband restored. I love how the little drawers hold my paste!

You can use small crates that sit on top of your craft table or even a small “lazy susan” so you can easily reach your next color. You can also check out all the different paste storage options here.

So hopefully this has answered all your questions about chalk couture chalkology paste. If you think of others you'd like to ask, feel free to use the contact form to ask & I'll get back to you!

New Improved Chalk Couture Chalkology Paste

Chalk Couture has updated their chalk paste recipe to a new “creamy dreamy” formula. So if you purchased paste after 2020 then you should have the new formula! This means your paste will not dry out to a hard hockey puck and you don't have to spray it to keep the same dreamy consistency. Your only worry is using it up!

The new creamy consistency is ready to go when you open the jar. You can give it a quick stir if you'd like. I've found the shimmer pastes need to be stirred if they've not been used in a while.

I also love that Chalk Couture offers more colors of paste in individual packets. So, if you are just starting out, try picking up a few paste singles OR a collection of coordinated palette packs.

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what is chalk couture chalk paste and how to use chalk paste
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Chalk Paste from Chalk Couture

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