After Christmas Decorations

How to transition your decorations after Christmas

The holidays are over and now it's January. It's cold. It's gray. In some places it's snowy. All your holiday decorations are stored away. And now what? What do you do after Christmas decorations are all put away?

Do you want to keep that same joyful, happy, fun decor throughout these cold winter months? If so, keep reading. We will look at changing out and even mixing in some of those holiday decor items to keep your home festive until Spring!

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There are a few ways you can decorate after Christmas and still keep a festive atmosphere:

after christmas decorating ideas - use evergreen on mantle with trees to create cozy winter atmosphere in house
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Repurposing Holiday Decorations

Look at your current decor items. Obviously, the tree and the ornaments should be put away. I know…. I love my tree too, but it really should be taken down by late January.

We get a live tree every year. The tradition of going to the tree farm to pick out our tree is a long-standing family tradition. So, depending on when we got our tree, it's usually ready to come down a few days after Christmas.

In our area, the town will pick up our tree curbside and then recycles it into mulch that is free for residents. So, I don't feel so bad about cutting down a tree and I like that my tree is being repurposed. Find out if your area recycles or needs trees. Some will use them for beach erosion so check with your local government.

Feel free to keep up some of your Christmas decorations, but remove others: You can choose to keep up a few of your favorite Christmas decorations, such as a wreath or a string of lights, but take down other more specific decorations, like a Christmas tree or ornaments. This will allow you to still have some festive elements in your home without feeling like the holiday has passed.

I leave out my manger scene until Mid-January, sometimes for a few weeks after Epiphany. Mine is on my mantle with some fairy lights and I really enjoy looking at it.

(Photo of manger scene)

Use winter-themed decorations

Another option is to use decorations that are more general and winter-themed, such as snowflakes, pine cones, and winter berries. These types of decorations can help create a festive atmosphere without being tied to a specific holiday.

Do you have any holiday cut-out items like stars or trees or woodland animals? The tiered tray you decorated for the holidays could keep some items but remove the Christmas-specific items (but keep the red ones to carry over into Valentine's Day).

If you use greenery around your mantle it could stay out too. You can also keep out any holiday-neutral decorations, such as candles, garlands, and vases filled with winter flowers.

Use some natural elements. Bringing in natural elements like branches, pinecones, and berries. These can add a festive touch to your home and help create a cozy atmosphere. Many craft stores have floral picks that incorporate these items, or you can hunt for them in the woods.

after christmas decor ideas using natural elements like pinecones and evergreen wreath
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after Christmas decorations using evergreen wreath and pinecones

Consider Colors

Use non-holiday-specific colors. Consider using non-holiday-specific colors in your decorations to create a festive atmosphere without being tied to a specific holiday. Sure you can still use red and green, but maybe put the “green” away and keep out the red.

Shades of blue like light blue and silver make a beautiful combination that can continue into winter. Use some snowflakes to create a winter wonderland theme on your mantle.

Adding in Winter Decor

After Christmas decorations are put away, you can add winter decorations that help to make your house festive and cozy. Some ideas for winter decorations include


You can hang snowflake decorations from the ceiling or windows, or display them on tables or mantels. If you have kids, they will love making and cutting paper snowflakes you can hang on the windows. You can also find many different craft ornaments you can use as well.

I love these big chunky wooden snowflakes. You can paint them or leave them white. Stencil them and even add additional elements to them (like clothes pins, glitter, ribbon, etc.) to make them more unique. Get your snowflake kit to make your own! It could be a fun snowy afternoon project!

You can find other chunky wood shapes to decorate as well. Chalk Couture has deer, birds, trees (which can be decorated more “winter” themed), and more, so be sure to check them out.


Wreaths are easy after-Christmas decorations that can be left out. I leave my evergreen wreath on my front door. You can leave yours over your mantle. Wreaths made of pine branches, berries, and other natural materials can add a festive touch to your home during the winter months.

You can also add wreaths that incorporate colors you are using in your other decor, like purple, blues, silver, or red.


Candles are one of my favorite decor pieces. You can warm up your home with the soft glow of candles in wintery scents such as pine or peppermint. I also like a musky scent – or as my daughter calls it “sexy man smell.”


Hang garland made of pine branches, berries, or twinkling lights around your windows or mantel to keep a touch of holiday cheer in your home. You can keep out your pine garland after Christmas at least until February, when you may want to trade it for a wood-bead garland in red or pink.

Pillows and Throws

Add some comfort and warmth to your home with winter-themed throw pillows and blankets. You can purchase some warm fuzzy blankets from local home goods stores. I like to ink some festive pillow covers to add to my couch. Think about making your pillow covers reversible so you can simply turn them over to match your season. For example – ink trees on one side for January and then hearts on the other for February.

You can create your own pillow covers using this great pillow kit!

after christmas decorations chalk couture trees on a pillow using chalk couture ink
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After Christmas Decorations Ideas

I hope you have picked up a few ideas for after Christmas decorations. Remember to be safe when using decorations, and always follow the manufacturer's instructions and precautions.

Overall, the key is to focus on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, rather than trying to recreate the specific holiday decorations you may have had up before. You can begin to add in seasonal decor for the next holiday too – like Valentine's Day and St. Patricks Day. (Stay tuned for these great decor ideas!)

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Cheerful Winter Decorations

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